This bridge saw has everything a technologically advanced bridge saw needs to have today: spindle with half inch fitting with trough-spindle lubrication, on-board camera, blade presenting and stone thickness probe.

  • This machine is a fully interpolated 5 axis bridge saw. Head rotate 0° to 400° interpolate with blade tilting 0° to 90° makes it suitable for any jobs
  • This machine can runs large production , at the same time containing costs.
  • The absolute precision of the movements is guaranteed by a state of art transmission on linear ball guide, moved by brushless motors through high precision helical gears and racks.
  • This machine comes with the “absolutely zero” technology, which allows the machine to work without doing the homing process.
    It has an extremely easy to use interface, designed to facilitate easy interaction between operator and machine.
  • The ORBIT B5 imports and works with DXF (standard CAD file) f and standard G-Code ( Standard RS-274 machine tool programming language), but can also do simple cuts in manual mode.
  • The structure is hot-galvanized and painted to last a long life.

So many more features. Contact us for more info and a quote.

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