This stone CNC Sawjet & bridge saw has everything a technologically advanced bridge saw & water jet needs to have today: 5 interpolated axis, spindle with half inch fitting with trough-spindle lubrication, tilting table up to 85°(Optional), vacuum manipulator system for parts movement during automatic cut process, on-board camera, blade presetting and stone thickness probe.

  • Waterjet 5 axis.
  • This machine is a fully interpolated 5 axis bridge saw. The Y axis is moved by a gantry system. This guarantees a perfect square of the bridge. Automatic head rotation from 0° to 400° combined with automatic blade tilting from 0° to 90° makes it suitable for large production runs, at the same time containing costs.
  • The absolute precision of the movements is guarantee by a state of art transmission on linear ball guide, moved by brushless motors through high precision helical gears and racks.
  • CNC Sawjet & bridge saw machine comes with the “absolutely zero” technology, which allow the machine to work without doing the homing process.
  • It has an extremely easy to use interface, realized to facilitate the interaction between the operator and the machine.
  • CNC Sawjet & bridge saw can quickly do easy cuts in manual, the machine also can import and work with DXF (AutoCAD) files and “G-code” ( RS-274 machine tool programming language).
  • The cable-drag chain and the electric cables used on the machine are purposely made for use at high speed (robot materials).

So many more features. Contact us for more info and a quote.

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