• Provides a much safer and economical method for loading and unloading the large slab out of truck, lowering the piece to the ground, raising the slab for installation. It is very common in warehouses, workshops and construction sites.
  • Come with a slide body where the slab can be raised or lowered by the use of an electric winch.
  • Construct with a slab securing sliding block to hold the slab tightly from the top down and a plastic clamp kit to secure it from the bottom up enhances safety level as well as added stability during transportation.
  • Rubber pads covered on the main base are designed to prevent scratches or damages to the slab being carried during operation.
  • With the effective and practical design, the cart could easily transport the slab weighing up 990 lbs (450 kg).
  • The winch cart has equipped with a wireless remote for ensuring operator’s safety.
  • Length: 880mm
  • Width: 432mm
  • Height: 1704- 2574mm
  • Net Weight: 51kg
  • Work load limit 450kg
Part Code: AUEWC450
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