• 4 axis CNC Router
    • This machine is a very powerful 3 Axis CNC, able to cut and polish any kind of sink cutout.
    • It has an extremely easy to use interface, realized to facilitate the interaction between operator and machine, especially thought for kitchen sink cutout, it can import and work with DXF (AutoCAD) files and “G-code” ( RS-274 machine tool programming language) the interface among other things allow the user to set 2 combined tools one over the other , it also automatically calculate the tool wear and increment accordingly the tools trajectory.The absolute precision of the movements is guarantee by a state of art transmission on linear ball guide, moved by AC servo motors through ball screws.
    • The spindle motor has a power of 9kW and controlled speed from 1500 to 9000(14000 RPM, the machine is provided with 15 automatic tool change stations, which use ISO/BT40 cones.

So many more features. Contact us for more info and a quote.

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