Kitchen Top CNC KT48 is a 3 Axis CNC machine with excellent performance and powerful functions, designed to be the ideal stone working centre, especially thought for kitchen sink cutouts. It can complete a series of work independently, such as stone cutting, flume processing and edge polishing.

  • Kitchen Top CNC KT48 is very easy to operate, especially suitable for kitchen sink cuts, with a dedicated software.
  • It can import and work with DXF (AutoCAD) files and “G-code” ( RS-274 machine tool programming language).
  • The machine comes standard with 27 automatic tool change stations on a tool carousel optionally extendable to 108.
  • The machine has 4 interpolated axis X, Y (REAL gantry controlled), Z and A (Spindle position control),and the absolute precision of the movements is guarantee by a state of art transmission on linear ball guides, moved by brushless motors through ball screws and a precision of 0.01mm.
  • Kitchen Top CNC KT48 have powerful power, The servo cooled vectorial electric motor has a constant power of 70Nm (highest torque of any stone working center) and is controlled in speed and angular position from 0 to 10000 RPM, it can process stones faster.
  • The machine with the optional CAM program is capable of processing complex 3D engraving jobs out of stone blocks like a basin or a bust, the machine can read G-code up to hard drive size with a maximum working speed of 6000mm/min and a precision of 0.01mm.
  • The machine works with standard 3D G-codes, G-codes can be generated from any commercial CAM, the machine is capable of engrave writing, doing bas-relief and so on. The only limit is the capability and the fantasy of the operator.

So many more features. Contact us for more info and a quote.

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