How long will marble last?

Beautiful marble flooring started its journey into our homes as limestone. Millions of years of metamorphosis—intense heat and pressure—produced a dense variegated stone that can be polished to a high shine. Marble is now mined throughout the world and is highly prized as a natural product for countertops and flooring. Polished marble reflects light to …

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roman marble

How did Romans cut marble?

Watching marble being extracted from a modern quarry is an impressive sight, one that requires a tricky combination of skill, coordination, and advanced machinery to achieve. But, without the aid of bulldozers and power tools, how did the ancient miners manage it? Ever since ancient times, marble has been extracted from the Apuan Alps. Carrara …

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popularity of marble

Why is marble so popular?

When you are considering new countertops, everyone you talk to maybe pushing you in one direction—marble. Why is that? Why is it so popular today? Many people automatically dismiss marble because of the price instead of researching the advantages that marble has in the home. Exploring marble’s attributes can help you make an informed decision …

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