popularity of marble

Why is marble so popular?

When you are considering new countertops, everyone you talk to maybe pushing you in one direction—marble. Why is that? Why is it so popular today? Many people automatically dismiss marble because of the price instead of researching the advantages that marble has in the home. Exploring marble’s attributes can help you make an informed decision as to whether or not it’s right for you.

Marble is one of the oldest and most beautiful stones available on the market for countertops. It’s a metamorphic stone that is a result of limestone being subjected to an immense amount of pressure for long periods of time. Marble’s popularity began in ancient Rome and Greece, where white and off-white marble was used to construct a variety of structures, from hand-held sculptures to massive pillars.

No pun intended. Marble is one of the most popular stones that exist in the world today. It’s used to make fireplaces, countertops, walls, kitchen hoods, fountains, and a myriad of other different custom home features that people want and need all over the world. Because marble has been around the block, it has grown in popularity to be the primary stone that people use in their projects. Here’s a brief history of marble and how it became one of the most popular stones that exist out there today.

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Humble Beginnings

The first people that used marble as a natural stone to build things out of were the ancient Greeks, who used it to construct masterpieces like the Parthenon (with limestone involved in the construction as well). It was then used throughout history in certain monuments such as the Pisa Cathedral, the Taj Mahal, and the Lincoln Memorial. These are some of the most memorable monuments that exist in the world. Besides the beauty of the marble itself, it was used because it’s reliable in construction to the point where it lasts for thousands of years.

popularity of marble

The Marble Artisan

Because of certain pieces like Michelangelo’s David, people realized how versatile marble could be in the creation of artistic pieces. When that happened, people started to want custom home marble pieces in their own homes, because of how beautiful they are, and how they last forever. Because of this, many people have dedicated their lives over the years to making artisan marble pieces, and it has been a business that has been thriving ever since. The way that history decided that it needed to have pieces that lasted forever (because kings and queens wanted to have their legacy remembered) made it so they can be created and enjoyed in several different forms all over the world.

The Most Popular

Because marble is able to withstand extreme heat, it has come into its own as the lowest maintenance, highest beauty option for a kitchen countertop. Now used all over the world, people love how versatile marble is without detracting from the overall look of your kitchen. One of the best things about marble is that it can tame bold colours in the room. Put marble next to a bold, red accent wall, and the room will get completely tied together. That’s why it’s being incorporated more and more into the design world.

The Smart Choice

Marble is one of the best stones that you can make your piece out of. The truth of the matter is that marble is popular for a reason. The rulers of old were using marble because it’s incredibly beautiful and it lasts forever. They wanted to be remembered. If you want a piece that you can remember, and that the people around you will love, you need to get a marble piece for your home. You get all of the creative input when it’s made, the piece is going to look and function perfectly, and it’s going to last forever. With marble, you get everything you could need.

How Marble Got its Start in Ancient Times

The Greeks and Romans chose marble for their structures due to their beauty. However, the process of mining marble was quite lengthy. Hammers and wedges were used to release marble from the earth. It was then pulled from its source with the help of pulleys, winches, levers, and wooden beams.

Aside from statues and buildings, coloured marble was used to create beautiful tile flooring. The colour of marble varies due to the different minerals that are present in the stone. For example, pure calcite marble is white. Red marble gets its tone from hematite, and limonite gives marble a green or yellow tone.

How We Use Marble Today

Even though Ancient Grecian and Roman times were over 2,000 years ago, most cultures still appreciate marble in the present day. Today, marble is used for a variety of structural and aesthetic purposes. Marble is included in the making of modern buildings, places of worship, floors, walls, and of course—countertops.

Marble Countertops: Classic Beauty in The Home

It’s hard to deny that marble countertops add a touch of elegance to nearly every kitchen. Its stark white appearance makes kitchens look clean and strikingly classic. This stone has been a popular aesthetic option for centuries, and it perfectly ties in its classic beauty throughout kitchens across St. Louis and the rest of America.

Another intriguing aspect about marble is that since it’s a natural stone, every countertop is sure to be unique. If you’re a homeowner looking for a countertop that is uniquely designed and custom made for your home, consider marble stone.

Benefits of Marble Countertops (Beyond Beauty)

Even though marble is a beautiful countertop option, there are other reasons why homeowners may choose marble for their kitchen countertops instead of various other stones.

First, marble is one of the longest-lasting countertop stones available on the market. Although it can be expensive, marble countertops essentially pay for themselves as long as they are maintained and properly cared for throughout the years.

Furthermore, marble countertops come in a variety of colours that are well suited for a variety of personal tastes. However, think carefully about installing dark marble countertops in your kitchen—etching is more noticeable on dark marble than light-coloured marble.

What Are The Downsides to Using Marble For Kitchen Countertops?

Just like any other type of countertop material, there are downsides to using marble as your selected stone. One of the disadvantages of using marble as your kitchen countertop is that it’s a porous and soft stone. This makes marble prone to staining and chipping, which can quickly downgrade its beauty and elegance.

Homeowners who notice small imperfections might be better off choosing an alternative countertop material for their kitchen, such as quartz.

How to Protect And Maintain Your Marble Countertops

The truth is that marble is high maintenance. Although this fact can be off-putting to some, this doesn’t mean that you should discard marble as a countertop choice altogether. There are methods you can use to protect your marble countertops and keep them looking beautiful for years to come.

The first step in protecting and maintaining marble countertops is to seal them properly—and seal often. Unfortunately, spilling a glass of wine can be all that it takes to stain your new marble countertops.

You’ll also need to choose your cleaning products carefully. It’s best to clean your marble countertops with gentle dish detergent, warm water, and a soft cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals such as bleach, which can easily cause damage.

Reasons For Marble’s Popularity

It Has Durable Resilience

Above all else, marble is extremely durable and resilient. It won’t chip or dent easily, so you don’t have to worry about it when you drop or run into it. You need to think about quality when you are choosing kitchen counters. Some people think marble is fragile, but that’s not the case at all. Marble countertops will hold up for decades, maybe even longer.

Granite and marble are two of the hardest natural materials in the world; Because of this, granite & marble countertops are extremely durable. With proper installation by GoodFellas, your countertops will last the lifetime of your home! They are strong enough to handle almost anything you can throw at them without getting cracked, chipped or scratched. They can also handle both hot and cold extreme temperatures.

Marble Will Increase Your Home’s Value

Marble is more expensive than other options, but it will considerably increase the value of a home. It doesn’t go down in value, so if you sell your home later, it will be worth a lot more. Buyers are willing to pay more for durability and quality, and marble exemplifies both of these characteristics.

Since so many people love granite, having granite countertops in your kitchen and bathroom raise the value of your home. They can modernize your home or business and making it more appealing to both you, guests and even your clients. This investment will pay off in many ways both in the short-run (having you and your family enjoy it) as well as adding value to your home or business.

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One of the most enticing qualities of marble countertops is its beauty. There are a wide array of hues and colours from which to choose and marble countertops will fit any décor. If you have a unique taste or a simple, modern home, you can find marble to match. From dazzling white to plenty of dark options, anyone can find a classic, elegant look for their home. The smooth stone is a great combination for any kitchen.

Put, granite and marble are possibly the most stunning options available when it comes to kitchen and bathroom countertops. They are natural stones with a rich beauty that will elevate the look and feel of your home significantly. This is especially true in the kitchen, which most people consider the centrepiece of their home. With the countertops being one of the more visible things in your kitchen, the value of going with a beautiful material like granite is magnified even more.

Easy Maintenance

Marble is easy to clean and maintain, as well. You can use a mild soap and some water on it with a soft cloth to wipe it down, and you will keep the marble countertops smooth, shiny, and clean. There’s no need to scrub sticky spills. Just wipe them up as they happen, and the job is done.

When properly sealed, granite countertops are simple to maintain and clean. All you have to do to clean them is wipe them down with soap and water. They are also very resistant to water damage, staining and bacteria; Hence, they are ideal for bathrooms and kitchens.


Granite countertops are offered in a wide variety of colours, patterns and styles, which is a great advantage to you as the home or business owner. This wide selection makes our countertops a great choice when you are remodelling your entire kitchen. It also makes them perfect for situations where you only want to renovate your countertops, because you can find a style and colour of granite that fits your current kitchen design.

Marble Offers Unique Elegance

Marble is the material of choice when a touch of refinement and distinction is desired. Marble counters offer a natural, luxurious appearance no other material can offer, with the possible exception of its sister-material, granite.

You’ve Got an Exciting Range of Options

Marble is available in a wide spectrum of colours. White marble countertops show a very little colour, though many have appealing swirls and veins of off-white, rose or grey. The base colour for marble can also be off-white, grey, rose, light green and other hues. The veining and speckling include whites, greys, roses, greens, blues, reds, blacks and more. Due to the wide variety, every marble countertop is a one-of-a-kind creation.

With the variability in appearance and character they present, you’ll enjoy shopping for marble kitchen or bathroom counters that help you achieve your design scheme while blending with the other bathroom or kitchen remodelling components.

Marble Countertops Make Great Accents

If you find that doing the entire kitchen in marble costs more than you want to spend, you’ve got other options. A marble countertop on an island can be a dramatic complement to more affordable wood, laminate or solid surface countertops. It can also be used on a wet bar, around a prep sink or anywhere else it would deliver a distinctively gorgeous accent.

Why Are Marble Countertops So Popular?

With so many options for countertops available on the market, you may be wondering what makes marble counters so popular. Not many people bother to research and understand the many advantages that marble offers and dismiss it as out of their price range. Let’s explore the attributes of marble and what it can do for your home, so you are better informed when it is time to choose a material for your kitchen counters.

First, marble is extremely durable and resilient. It will chip or dent easily. This is an important quality that should be considered when choosing kitchen counters. A lot of people think that marble is such a fragile store; it should never be used for kitchen countertops. They are missing the main point, the beauty of marble countertops.

Then, consider that while marble may be more expensive initially than other, not so durable options, it will considerably increase the value of your home. It will never go down in value, and so, if you ever consider selling your home, it will be worth more than it would have without marble counters. Prospective buyers are always willing to pay more for quality, durability and beauty.

Speaking of beauty, it is perhaps the simplest and most enticing quality of marble countertops. With a wide array of hues and colours to choose from, marble countertops will fit any décor and unique taste and environment. From dazzling white to darker options, everyone is sure to find just the look to give any home a classic and elegant look and feel. Add to this the smoothness of the stone, and you’ve got the perfect combination for any kitchen.

Another great attribute of marble countertops is that they are very, very easy to clean and maintain. A mild soap, some water and a soft cloth are all you’ll ever need to keep your marble counters smooth, clean and shiny—no more time spent scrubbing sticky, thick spills, although wiping them as they happen will make the job a lot easier.

With so much to offer, it’s a wonder marble countertops aren’t even more popular. Understanding their long-term value, durability, and timeless beauty is important to help you make an informed decision when the time comes to select the right countertops for you and your home.

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Considering Marble Closely

Long-term value is important in your home, and with marble, you get durability and timeless beauty that can help you sell your home for more later on. You also get plenty of functionality and aesthetics in the meantime to enjoy yourself. Making an informed decision is important when it comes to your countertops. All you have to do for more information is contact Impression. We’re your marble experts who are passionate about marble and have placed many customized marble pieces into homes over the years. We work on countertops, flooring, columns, walls, fountains, and everything in between. Suppose you want to know more about marble. In that case, we’re the right professionals to answer your questions and continue to show you the benefits of marble countertops and the reasons for their popularity.

Marble is being mined from more places than ever, and this means your options for colour and variety have never been better. If you want to craft an elegant, upmarket look in your home, marble countertops are an ideal choice.

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