30+ Sculptors in Melbourne, Victoria

30+ Sculptors in Melbourne, Victoria

On the hunt of sculpture companies in Melbourne, Victoria? When you are planning your dream house, you probably want everything just perfect. After all, there are so many companies, options, and prices out there to consider. One of the best ways to make sure that it all turns out the way you dreamed it to select every vendor yourself personally. 

So, finding a sculpture company that gives supreme service and a carefully curated selection of sculptures is a true life-saver.

To help you get started on your sculpture hunt, we’ve rounded up our favourite sculpture companies from right across Melbourne, Victoria.

Best Sculptors in Melbourne, Victoria 

Meridian Sculpture


03 9417 6218

Now located in Fitzroy, Meridian's clients include renown Australian sculptors such as Robert Klippel, George Baldessin, Arthur Boyd, Brett Whiteley, Peter Corlett, Lisa Roet, Louise Paramour, Andrew Rogers and Michael Meszaros among many others. We are as frequently contracted to produce large scale, high concept public works as well as smaller works by emerging local talents, whether they be public memorials, architectural features panels, or 3d prints cast in bronze.

Indeed Meridian is a keen supporter of the arts community in 2015, sponsoring the ASV annual sculpture prize and has also opened our doors to the public via our unique sculpture workshops. Meridian prides the quality and finish of its castings as best in industry, values lasting relationships with customers and suppliers, and operates a safe and responsible workplace. 

Lump Sculpture


03 9489 4766

We are proud and passionate about our collection of works combining function and creative purpose. Including decorative laser cut screens, custom planters and original contemporary sculptures for public, urban and private outdoor spaces. We thrive on collaborating with artists, designers and architects to realise and construct their visions. Welcome to Lump Sculpture Studio we look forward to creating something new with you.

Ray Besserdin Paper Sculpture


+61 417 151 341

Ray Besserdin is a well-known paper sculptor based in Melbourne, Australia. His artworks are treasured by collectors and art enthusiasts all over the world, and he challenges his audience to believe that what he makes is totally made of sheet formed papers. 

He has been an artist in residence for Umbrella Contemporary Art Studio, Townsville and was appointed the Australian Ambassador for Mondial Art Acadamie, France in 2018. Ray is preparing an exhibition in cooperation with the Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens, Cranbourne Gallery to be held from July 19 to August 5, 2019. By invitation of Mona Youssef Galleries, he will be exhibiting in the Carrousel du Louvre, Paris from October 19, 2019.



1300 731 497

Professional clays and waxes, RTV mould making silicones, latex, and rigid polyurethane resins, foams, and elastomers are among the many items we offer for sculpting, moulding, and casting. Our Iconic epoxy resins include coatings, mass casting resins for larger applications, and epoxies that are ideal for jewelry and homewares. In conjunction with our extensive.

Range of resin pigments and ready to use moulds, we have everything you need to bring your creative ideas to life. Our specialty products include adhesives, fillers, release agents, plaster, gypsum, tools, polymer clay, foam latex and Australia’s largest range of patina’s and metal paints.

Sculpture House



Here our President recommends the basic tools and materials you'll need to set off on your adventure in sculpting, selecting a particular genre to focus on. Currently, he has selected Stone Carving, a most popular sculpting discipline among amateurs and professionals alike. Click here for his suggestions, including carving stones, chisels, rasps and accessories.

Our headquarters and tool, clay, and accessory delivery center are located in Fort Pierce, Florida. Our Partners' highly talented master craftsmen forge, weld, and grind our tools from raw steel in our plant in Olgiate Molgora, Italy. Dedicated to maintaining the future of sculpture, we pledge to maintain the high quality and diversity of our specialized tool and material line that you have come to expect from us. Also, we strive to provide you, our customers, with ease of ordering and fast shipping.

Rob Bast Sculptor


+61 417 302 475

Rob Bast, a self-taught Australian sculptor, lives in Victoria's Yarra Valley. He worked with a variety of materials, including timber, stone, ice, and steel. Rob began carving with a chainsaw in 2003 and switched to full-time sculpture in 2009 since he has always enjoyed both.

Deborah Halpern


1800 631 311 

Angel, one of Halpern's most famous sculptures, stood in the moat of the National Gallery of Victoria for many years before being relocated to its current place on the Yarra River's bank at Birrarung Marr, next to Federation Square. Deborah Halpern's worldview was significantly affected by her parents, painters Sylvia and Artek Halpern, who constantly spoke to her about the 'brotherhood of man,' and Halpern came to regard the planet as her family.

GSKd Art


0419 331 378

 We are Australian designers and creators of timeless Abstract Contemporary Stainless Art Sculptures. The above means you can be confident that you have chosen a sculpture, that will not only make a visual statement but will also stand the test of time! Working collaboratively as one, with every aspect of the art piece having our minds and hands-on it ​reflecting our individual passions and influences in life.

Creative Artistic Steel


0417 323 723

Creative Artistic Steel specialises in the design and manufacturing of any custom metal, steel designs, and sculptures.  If you would like a special item for your home, office, garden, or council area, make sure you talk to us first.

We recommend the most appropriate material and surface finishes to the client, and we always recommend using nautical stainless steel anyplace near saltwater or chlorine for the item's lifetime. We can not guarantee the use of other materials and finishes. We make certain that all materials utilized are of excellent quality and long-lasting, and that they will survive long-term weather conditions for general outside circumstances.

Rudi Jass kinetic sculptures


0412 330 203

Jass's dynamic sculptures of trees, plants, and clouds are inspired by nature and respond to it. The leaves on the trees shift with light and shade, creating a canopy from the sun similar to that of a small park. Other cloud-like sculptures move with the wind. In one sculpture, a stainless steel shaft in the center can be utilized to move the upper half if there is no wind.

The therapeutic powers of nature, fresh air, gardening, and sunshine are extensively proven. Patients recovering from surgery who had a view of nature from their bed recovered a day quicker, required less pain medication, and had fewer post-surgical problems than patients who only saw a brick wall, according to the most famous study.

Entanglements - Metal Art Decor & Sculpture


1300 886 811

Entanglements Product Range Includes

Metal Wall Art, Metal Privacy Screens and Decorative Partitions, Firepits and Ethanol Burners, Outdoor Industrial Furniture, Curved benches, bespoke Outdoor furniture Corten Planters and Garden Edging. Vertical Gardens and wall Gardens   Gates, fencing and letterboxes, Trellising, Security Doors and gates, and Feature sculpture,

Bayside Sculpture


(03) 9553 0661 

We at Bayside Sculpture promise to promote and encourage each individual's inherent creativity. We hope to do this through the use of sculpture and related art forms. We provide a warm, safe environment in which self-expression and artistic growth are encouraged. We welcome people from all walks of life and value each person's unique artistic expression. We foster innovative ways to studying the visual arts, particularly sculpture, as well as cutting-edge artistic techniques.

Pamela Irving


0402 946 940

Pamela Irving is a well-known and award-winning artist from Australia. She is well-known for her unusual, narrative, and bespoke works. Pamela's work encompasses a wide range of mediums, including paintings, mosaics, and sculpture. You are welcome to visit the Studio/Gallery, which sells both current and previous works. It is best to contact ahead of time to confirm Pamela is available.

Pamela Irving has worked as a full-time artist for almost 30 years. Her diverse body of work, which includes anything from sketches and paintings to intimate sculptures and large-scale mosaic installations, demonstrates her sense of humour, awareness for irony, and respect for narrative.

Perrin Sculpture Foundry


(03) 9585 0644

The founder and artist Bill Perrin served as the model for the company's name, Perrin Sculpture Foundry. He now operates the forge with his partner Julie, their sons Nick and Warwick, and Nicole Byrne, a mould maker and wax expert. We are experts in metal castings for the fine art sector.

Peter Schipperheyn



Both the art and the vision [of Peter Schipperheyn] in Western art are entirely influenced by the great figurative traditions: his delicate drawings reveal an extraordinary sensitivity for the human figure, while his imposing marble sculptures are expressions of the grandeur and vision that aspire to the greatest European traditions.

No other living Australian artist has committed himself so fully to finding a really contemporary interpretation of Western art's most inspiring tradition, making him today unique in Australia.

Baby Hand and Feet



Babies are lovely not just because of their faces, but also because of their fragrances, warm bodies, laughter, toothless gums, and gorgeous hands and feet. A camera can only do so much to help you remember what those gorgeous body parts look like. Your baby's hand and feet will be preserved in 3D form with impression sculptures, allowing you to keep that specific image in appearance and feel.

We will capture every detail that is important to you on their tiny hands and feet using our skills. Every line, wrinkle, crease, fingernail, curled finger, and the exact contour of those hands and feet may be traced. We love what we do and are passionate about assisting families in preserving priceless memories by creating a one-of-a-kind piece of art that captures the true essence of what that memory represents.

Damian Vick


+61 411 154 478‬

In my opinion, the core of good public art is to elicit a response. It should be cognizant of its context and audience, and it should be built around a simple, defined notion that communicates with the spectator.

A well-known Melbourne-based artist named Damian Vick specializes primarily in sculpture and installations. In 2008, he decided to concentrate his efforts and passion for metal, engineering, and craftsmanship due to his desire for a more expressive and physical medium.

Ice Designs Melbourne


0408 584 833

For almost 25 years, Melbourne has set the bar.

Icedesigns Melbourne provides amazing ice sculptures to the greater Melbourne area and Regional Victoria. We can also design larger displays and performance works that can be seen all around Australia and beyond. Glenn will construct a design and offer you with a quote for your review. At typical room temperature, our carvings will endure 6 to 8 hours. Outdoor exhibits are based on the season. All sculptures can be brought, set-up, and removed at the end of your event.

Display trays and lighting are included in our quote. At an additional expense, specialized display equipment can be offered. We have considerable public liability insurance and can offer specifics upon request. A fee may be paid for the creation of the design and estimate for large complex projects. We will discuss this with you if needed. This charge will be subtracted from the overall cost of the project if it proceeds.

Ice Occasions


0411 353 327

In ice, everything is possible. The award-winning Master Ice Craftsmen at Ice Occasions can carve a design to match your theme. It could be an ice bar with beverage fountains, a live ice carving performance, a corporate logo, or a life-size animal. You can be confident that when you work with Ice Occasions, you will receive the WOW factor from the best in the business.

Every party begins with ice.

In ice, everything is possible. The award-winning Master Ice Craftsmen at Ice Occasions can carve a design to match your theme. It might be an ice bar with drink fountains, a live ice carving show in front of guests, a business logo, or a life-size animal. You can be confident that when you work with Ice Occasions, you will receive the WOW factor from the best in the business.

Sandstorm Events


0419 584 189

Redmond, Sharon

"The delight people get from being exposed to our innovative art form never ceases to astonish me." Sand sculpture has an indisputable power to captivate people of all ages and backgrounds, and it may be used in a variety of ways. It's always different and hard, from the sand to the subject to the venue to the crowd. Sandstorm Events has provided me with a vocation that I am truly enthusiastic about, which implies that I am extremely blessed as a creative/artist/sculptor."

Redmond, Peter

We respect passion, integrity, professionalism, and family as a firm, not only in ourselves but also in our extended team and contractors. We are committed to giving all of our guests the opportunity to witness and photograph world-class sand sculptures, as well as to be exposed to our love of the art form through education and play, where we can display new and truly unique experiences.

Mal Wood Art Foundry


03 9462 3793

Making Moulds

Sculpture can be made from a wide variety of materials. With this in mind, each piece is evaluated to determine the suitable kind of mould for precise translation into bronze or aluminum. There are no size or surface detail restrictions, and we are happy to mould on-site or at our foundry.


This is a chemical method for coloring the completed metal surface. Heat is frequently utilized to initiate a molecular reaction, allowing for a wide range of unique finishes. We work closely with the artist to get the desired coloration effect by using a variety of chemicals. A piece can also be polished, plated, lacquered, or painted.



+61 468 997 296

Daniel and Matthew Tobin, brothers, established UAP as "Urban Artists" in 1993. In order to promote initiatives, interact with artists, and produce public art, they built a studio and workshop together. Their teamwork style enabled artists to explore materiality, create ideas, complete projects, and develop their bodies of work. The brothers put together a hard-working group that got along well with one another and produced good work.

We are a dedicated, diverse team that collaborates effectively to complete incredible projects. UAP uses essential competencies in curatorial, design, project management, fabrication, and construction to work throughout all phases of the creative process, from commissioning and curatorial services to concept formulation and design development, engineering, fabrication, and installation.

Ted Secombe – Master Potter & Sculptor


0419 572 882

Glazes made of crystals

Crystalline glazes are among the most intriguing in the world of ceramics. A crystalline glaze is distinguished by clusters of varied forms and colors imbedded in an otherwise homogeneous zinc or barium glaze.

Crystalline is an expensive material to manufacture. It is a labor-intensive technique that necessitates high ability and careful management of materials and processes. It is one of the most difficult methods a potter can learn. Metallic oxides and diverse material combinations are utilized to create a wide range of colors. These colors span from deep cobalt blues through golds, browns, reds, pinks, pearls, and greens.

Lis Johnson


Lis Johnson's work ranges from large-scale bronze portraits and memorials to personal hand-held objects, demonstrating a refined artistic sensibility. Lis can sculpt practically any subject because she is skilled in visual and spatial representation, as well as accurate figurative and research expertise. Small-scale figurative bronze and mixed-media sculpture, as well as interactive and site-specific installations, are examples of original artwork.

I make 3-dimensional artworks ranging in scale from gigantic public monuments to intimate, small-scale things. Portraits and monuments that require figurative talents, particularly the ability to realistically represent human anatomy and likenesses, draperies, ornamental and natural forms, are frequently commissioned. Original art is generally figurative, but it occasionally extends into conceptual territory, such as interactive and site-specific installations.

Impressionable Kids


(07) 4055 6946

Impressionable Kids framed baby hand and feet sculptures are a very magical way to capture your child's tiny hands and feet. We photograph every wrinkle on their hands and feet, as well as the curve of their little fingernails, to create a three-dimensional duplicate of their hands and feet.

In addition to offering top-notch products, Impressionable Kids takes pride in its top-notch customer support. We take great pride in offering the most options and goods to our clients, and each of our frames is individually manufactured in Australia. Because we feel our framed baby hand and foot sculptures are your particular piece of artwork to proudly display in your house, our contact information is stored on the back of the frame, out of sight. Unlike other sculpting firms, our brand is not featured on the front of the frame.

Dwyer Fine Art


03 9533 6662

Michael Cartwright's Biography

Michael Francis Cartwright is accustomed to his liberty. His art speaks for liberty. That has always been the case with his work, whether it is sculpture, painting, drawing, or printmaking. He varies between innovative, fun play in which what he creates is a humorous reference to life, serious stern and uncompromising judgment on man and nature, and pure luxurious sensuousness in which only color matters or forms and textures are made to transmit beauty abstractly.

Orchard Design


+61 [0] 3 5943 2369

A modern art and design practice with a focus on combining art and architecture, Orchard Design is situated in Melbourne and is made up of artists, architects, and landscape architects.

Orchard Design has mostly worked on an architectural scale in recent years, completing various large scale sculpture works as well as numerous building and landscaping projects. This has opened up a new world of possibilities for us, allowing us to delve deeper into our interests in the relationship between three-dimensional shape and materiality - the junction of current design, architectural form, and sculptural intent.

Anita Traynor


0413 157 157 

She continued working after her time with Andrew Broadway at Christie's Australia, where the director was Roger McIlroy, a well-known figure and acknowledged authority on art. Her responsibilities included organizing the artwork for auction nights, cataloguing, and customer relations at Christie's, a thriving auction company at the time.

Natureworks designs


07 3289 7555

Natureworks designs creates and sells fiberglass animal sculptures, artificial rocks and trees, wildlife habitats, museum-quality exhibits, natural history displays, nature-based play equipment, and a variety of other items. We bring your idea to life by infusing energy, authenticity, and value into educational, commercial, and residential buildings. Natureworks is an unique organization that combines built-environment skills with the creativity and imagination of brilliant artists with a love of natural history.

Overwrought Garden Art



Overwrought Garden Art creates one-of-a-kind wrought iron metalwork, such as one-of-a-kind gates, metal wall art, outdoor garden furniture and benches, laser cut privacy and garden screens, garden art and sculpture. Each item is handcrafted and proudly Australian manufactured using a blend of traditional blacksmithing techniques and contemporary metalworking. We have hundreds of patterns to select from, all designed by artist David Dawson and produced in Blampied, Central Victoria. You can visit our Gallery and Sculpture Garden in person or SHOP ONLINE; we can ship to anywhere in Australia.

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