Top 30 Plastering Services Melbourne [2022]

Looking for a reliable and experienced plastering services company in Melbourne? Look no further than the list we've compiled of the best in the business!

From small repair jobs to large-scale commercial projects, these companies have the skills and experience to get the job done right. So whether you're in need of a quick fix or a complete overhaul, be sure to check out our list of recommended plastering services in Melbourne!

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    Ultimate List Of Plastering Services Melbourne

    Plastering National Services Melbourne

    0451 488 119


    Plastering National is a fully qualified plastering company in Melbourne and Mornington, offering all aspects of domestic and commercial plastering, drywall and general plaster repair services. With proven expertise in residential and commercial plastering projects, Plastering National is a trusted name throughout Melbourne and Mornington areas.

    Established in 2005, we have seen the plastering industry grow and have experience with all kinds of materials used in plastering projects of all shapes and sizes.


    All interior plastering in houses, townhouses, units, apartments, and granny flats. Quality workmanship whilst ensuring all work is completed by specified deadlines.


    We provide fully tailored commercial and residential plastering services in Melbourne, Mornington and the surrounding areas.


    We are very experienced commercial Plasterers / Gyprockers, providing high-quality workmanship in all aspects of the commercial fit-outs trade. 


    Water damage? Crumbling cracked walls? Need ceiling repair? Or just want to freshen up your living space? Our plasterers can help!


    Plastering National have been completing residential, commercial, office and retail fit-outs throughout Melbourne for over 16 years. Our experience ranges from smaller but intricately designed and crafted projects right through many companies to large scale complex developments. We pride ourselves on being a professional, reliable company capable of providing astute technical advice all the way through to the complexities of strategic workplace planning.



    Plastering National has been trusted Melbourne plasterers for over 16 years, we’ve completed over 10,000 plastering jobs. We’ve seen it all and done it all in that time, so if you’re looking for high-quality, affordable commercial & residential plastering services, you’re in the right place.

    MH Plastering Services Melbourne

    1300 412 567

    100% Genuine & Reliable?

    With extensive experience in the plastering industry, we have the knowledge, skills and understanding to provide the best, most cost-effective solution for all plastering needs. No job too big or small, we can handle any project.

    Established in Melbourne over 20 years ago, we are a second-generation company. Combining traditional skills with modern technology. MH Plastering is the trusted specialist, delivering quality projects each and every time. From patchwork to completed constructions, see why many construction companies partner with us on every project.

    Services We Offer


    Old Melbourne Plaster Services

    0434 105 237

    Old Melbourne Plaster, located at 532 City Road, South Melbourne, is an Australian owned company with an established reputation as a quality supplier and installer of bespoke plaster products for homes, offices and public buildings.

    Old Melbourne Plaster is an Australian owned company with an established reputation as a quality supplier and installer of bespoke plaster products for homes, offices and public buildings.

    Experienced craftsman Aaron Manson uses traditional skills to recreate the splendour of original plasterwork and transform walls and ceilings into contemporary pieces of art.

    "I work closely with clients to help design and transform spaces and add value to their property", Aaron said.

    "I am passionate about the tradition of plastering, and while the conveniences of modern technology are eroding some crafts, I am proud that at Old Melbourne Plaster, we provide handcrafted, personalised finishes.

    While providing a unique and specialised plaster service, all clients can be confident that work is carried out in accordance with all current building regulations but with a traditional eye for details.

    FAQs Plastering Services Melbourne

    Removing ‘blown’ (loose) plaster beforehand can also add to labour and rubbish disposal costs. Discuss with your plasterer whether you could save money by following their instructions to remove blown plaster before they arrive.

    The first step toward perfect plastering is avoiding the temptation to do it yourself. It sounds like the plaster has blown. Yes, you can just take off the blown plaster, then uni-bond (PVA). Bond out the area using bonding and then when its dry PVA again before skimming the area back in.

    Yes, this can easily be removed and repatched with a backing plaster and a finish coat ..use a good plasterer to feather into existing plaster so the patch won't be seen when painted, all the best You can cut out only blown areas of plaster...but to get the best result, (hidden) I recommend that you skim the whole wall after patching.

    There is no real way to remove them without causing at least some damage. If they are held on with mastic, a heat gun can soften it, but you are unlikely to get the rest of the mastic off the wall without some damage to the plaster. Tile walls still allow some moisture to penetrate, if only at the grout joints. 

    This is because of the number of plasterer boards and other materials they will need and the amount of time it will take. Our traders have told us how much they usually charge¹ for common plastering jobs around the home, both inside and outside, and by the size of the room.

     Size of area, the time required and ease of access are factors that affect the cost to plaster a room. It may be possible to repair small cracks or holes without plastering the whole wall or room. Plastering is difficult, time-consuming and can be messy, so it is usually better left to professionals.

    Repairing holes and cracks, covering uneven surfaces and adding insulation are excellent reasons to re-plaster a room. Wet plastering, dry plastering, skimming and rendering are all types of plastering jobs. Size of area, the time required and ease of access are factors that affect the cost to plaster a room.

     We recommend applying two coats of plaster to the wall for DIY users. The first coat of plaster is your plaster skim coat, the second coat of plaster is your finishing skim; this layer is then dampened and smoothed out to create a perfectly smooth finish. The process of plastering the external walls of a house is called rendering.

    This process uses two or three coats of plaster to create an even finish and protect external brickwork. You might also enjoy our guide on the cost to render a wall.

    Bardwell Plaster Services Melbourne

    0417 012 902 

    Bardwell Plaster is a high quality and customer service orientated plastering company. We have been providing plastering services throughout the greater Melbourne region since 1991. Originally based in St.Kilda, strong growth has driven the business to expand and establish a second team in Northcote. This has enabled us to provide more timely and efficient service to Melbourne’s Northern suburbs.

    Bardwell Plaster typically carries out insurance repair work, renovations, restorations, extensions, new installation work and general repairs. We work on both domestic and commercial projects. Delivering quality and service for all of our clients is a priority at Bardwell Plaster.

    Plastering Services

    Bardwell Plaster provides the full range of plastering services throughout the Melbourne metropolitan area. We promise to work fast, get the job done right and leave everything clean so you can enjoy your space again as soon as possible.

    New Buildings

    Stunning new installations from Bardwell Plaster. Projects range from simple, straightforward office spaces and homes to challenging high-end projects for boutique builders. These are homes where quality and finish are paramount. Curved walls, spiral staircases or even wave ceilings are all possible with Bardwell Plaster. Whether planning something straightforward or being creative, Bardwell Plaster can turn your unique designs into reality.


    In this day and age, extensions are making up a larger proportion of our workload. Homeowners realise the cost of relocating, agent fees and stamp duties often make it more feasible to extend rather than relocate.

    We frequently carry out extension work for builders and owner-builders. However, we leave the competition for dead when it comes to the technical aspects of merging the new building into the old. With experienced tradespeople, you can be assured your new structure merges seamlessly into the original building. 

    Patch & Repair

    It’s not a problem. We have skilled tradesmen to make the problem disappear quickly and effortlessly. At Bardwell plaster, we prepare the job area with drop sheets and dust covers before we start. Then, we carry out high-quality repairs that cannot be detected once painted. Vacuum sanding ensures your home remains as clean as possible. We remove all debris and waste and clean up thoroughly before we leave. The care of your home is an integral part of our service. 

    Jim's Handyman - Plastering Services Melbourne

    131 469

    How It Started…

    Jim’s Group started as a part-time gardening business while Jim Penman completed his PhD in history. It went full time in 1982 and was franchised in 1989. Currently, there are nearly 4,000 Franchisees in four countries, and they are growing at the rate of around 200 per year. Jim’s Group also boasts one of Melbourne’s best conference centres used for meetings, functions and training for Jim’s franchisees and staff.

    There are no company-owned businesses, and licensed operators and Franchisees do all work. Franchisor rights are also privately held, and all Divisions, except Mowing, are partnerships with individuals experienced in those industries.

    Jim is the owner and full-time CEO of Jim’s Group. He is happily married with ten children, loves his work, and has no plans to retire! Jim Penman remains remarkably unassuming for all the business success he has enjoyed over the years. At the start of the interview, when Wealth Creator asks to confirm his correct business title, he has no idea. He has to pull out his business card, which says he is a director.

    Plastering Services

    Do You Need A Professional Plasterer?

    Then look no further; Jim’s Handyman is able to assist you in getting your walls, ceilings or anything else you might need to be plastered. So it doesn't matter whether you have dents from wear and tear, a hole from someone's elbow or a person-sized gap where you fell straight through…. we can have it looking like new in no time So if you move out of a rental and just found a plaster disaster called Jim’s Handyman & we will make sure it is fixed up in no time. As we also renovate and do home modifications, look through some of our before and after photos to get some inspiration and start planning your next renovation project.

    The Patch Dr - Plastering Services Melbourne

    0422 782 787

    From The Smallest Patch Repair To The Whole House Reno,

    The Patch Dr Has You Covered.

    At The Patch Dr, we never judge a job by its size or cover. Instead, we view every single project as a unique creative challenge and a chance to be the cure to your home improvement headache.

    From that accidental hole in your wall to the fresh new coat of paint to your brand new extension plastering - You name it, and we’re happy to take it on. This policy is based on a genuine passion for our work, creative problem solving, and the satisfaction of transforming your eyesores into art. With years of professional experience, surgical attention to detail, and personal service with a smile, look no further for your one-stop home improvement needs.

    Our Complete List Of Services

    Quality Comes Naturally With Passion

     Plaster Repairs

    • Plaster Hole Repairs
    • Crack Repairs
    • Water Damage Repairs
    • Internal Render Repairs
    • Decorative Rosette & Arch Removal
    • General Patch & Repairs

    Renovations & Extensions

    • Bathroom Reno Plastering
    • Kitchen Reno Plastering
    • New Extension Plastering
    • Cafe & Restaurant Renovations
    • Sagging Ceiling Repair/Replacement
    • Cornice to Square Set Transformation


    • Interior Repainting
    • Renovation/Extension Painting
    • Enamel Doors & Trims
    • Weatherboard Repair & Painting
    • 5+ Years Professional Experience

    Plaster One Services Melbourne


    At Plaster One, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and professionalism. We have vast experience in the commercial sector and are available to assist with projects of varying scales.

    Our Services

    Plaster One specialises in internal and external linings across both the Residential and Commercial building sectors. We offer a wide range of lining solutions that include all plaster finishes, external cladding, insulation and acoustic tiles.

    Our Work

    Over the years, Plaster One has completed projects ranging from supermarkets, residential homes, heritage plaster restoration, low rise apartment buildings, schools, childcare, aged care facilities, retail, hospitals and sporting pavilions.

    Specialising In​

    • All Plasterboard Linings
    • P50 Shadow Lines
    • Level 5 Finish
    • All Types Of Heritage Plaster
    • Bulk Heads
    • Insulation
    • Fire Rated Linings
    • Soffits/Eaves
    • Volume Housing
    • Metal Stud Framing
    • Internal Partitioning And External Framing
    • Suspended Grid Ceilings
    • Exposed Grid Ceilings
    • Cladding/Flashings
    • CFC External Cladding
    • Aluminium External Cladding
    • Plywood/Timber Work
    • Carpentry

    Melbourne City Maintenance Plastering Services

    0403 162 666 

    Melbourne City Maintenance typically works with Body Corporations, Building and Property Managers, Commercial Property Owners, Real Estate Agents and Corporate Office Tenants.

    Our services include and are not limited to Project Management, all aspects of Painting and Plastering, Cleaning, Carpentry and Tiling, Concrete Polishing and Grinding, Graffiti Removal and Anti Graffiti Products, as well as Building Maintenance and specialised Roof Coatings which reflect UV Rays and assist with minimising heat transfer from the sun into the building while restoring old and deteriorating corrugated roofing often eliminating the need for costly roof replacement.

    We believe in safety first, and we will adhere to all OH&S requirements; our staff and contractors are trained to operate Elevated Working Platform including Knuckle Booms and Scissor Lifts above 11 metres, and we will liaise on your behalf with Electricity Providers and Local Councils to acquire the appropriate permits to work within Worksafe Guidelines near and around electricity cables.

    Plaster Repairs

    Good old plastering, one of the world’s most ancient building methods, did you know that primitive folk originally plastered their shelters with mud? These days, it’s made out of water, sand and gypsum (so don’t worry- we won’t be slinging mud about your house)! With our modern plastering techniques, we are equipped to handle all different plaster repairs, whether sagging ceilings, water damage or cracks and holes.

    We offer a range of plaster repairs services, including plasterboard walls, plasterboard and suspended ceilings; fire-rated walls and ceiling systems; and steel-studied office partitions.

    Fed up of finding cracks in your plaster? Want slickest walls and ceilings in Melbourne? Put the DIY ideas on hold, crack open a beer and give us a call! Let us take care of your plaster repairs; with years of experience under our trade belts, we can offer you a top-quality plastering service at a reasonable price.

    Our Services Include And Are Not Limited To

    • Plasterboard and Suspended Ceilings
    • Plasterboard Walls
    • Steel Studded Office Partitions
    • Water damaged Plasterboard Walls and Ceilings
    • Acoustic Walls and Ceiling Systems
    • Fire Rated Walls and Ceiling Systems

    Once completed, your new plaster surfaces will require painting, so to minimise the hassle of dealing with multiple trades, we also provide a comprehensive painting service. Please see our Painting link above for more details.

    My Plasterers Melbourne Services Melbourne

    (03) 9999 9225

    Our Melbourne plastering contractors have a wealth of experience creating the perfect finish for walls and ceilings in homes and commercial premises. We pride ourselves on providing quality artistry at affordable prices. Other benefits of hiring our plastering contractors include Reliability – we’ll turn up when we say we will and finish the job in a timely manner without cutting corners. Helpful, friendly approach – customer service is always a top priority.


    Commercial Plasterers

    Leading commercial plasterers in Melbourne: You’ll find that our commercial plasterers in Melbourne lead the field to strive to achieve a superior, long-lasting finish for your place of business. That’s why our commercial plastering services are in…

    Drywall Plastering

    Our professional plasterers specialise in full drywall installation and drywall replacement and repairs for homes and commercial buildings. Our drywall plastering contractors in Melbourne give householders and businesses a one-stop drywalling resource with comprehensive services carried out by experts with…

    Office Shop Fitouts

    We offer Melbourne's complete design-and-build office and shop fit-out services, producing commercial interiors that combine style with functionality. Our office fit-out services provide the ideal working environment while appealing to visiting clients. Similarly, our shop fit-out…

    Partition Wall Installation

    Our specialist plasterboard partition wall installation services in Melbourne improve the functionality of homes and businesses by converting single spaces into separate areas for different uses. Our commercial partition wall installation services create more efficient and productive use of available…

    Residential Plastering

    We offer total residential plastering solutions throughout the Melbourne area, and we routinely handle jobs of all size scales, from repairs to new builds. Our residential plastering services are particularly in demand for high-end homes and ornate architectural designs. So…

    Melbourne Painters & Plasterers Services

    0407 223 660

    At Melbourne Painters & Plasterers, we strive to deliver exceptional customer service and satisfaction with every job, big or small. It is our commitment and our policy. We take the time to provide professional, detailed advice and always seek to meet our client’s requirements and budgets without compromising quality.

    We understand the importance of flexibility and the unique time constraints of every job. However, security and confidentiality are imperative and maintained at every level of work.

    We have extensive experience dealing with personal renovations, real estate agents, property developers, construction companies, project managers and body corporates.

    Our Services


    HB Plastering Services Melbourne

    0413 822 664

    HB Plastering is your team of complete interior specialists. With over seven years of industry experience, you can rest assured the team at HB Plastering will offer exceptional residential and domestic plastering services in Melbourne.

    We also offer our customers a free, no-obligation quote. In addition, our expert team is delighted to advise you on plastering or gyprocking services in Melbourne. So whether you’re looking to repair your garage, fix your ceilings, or even patch up a few holes in your walls, we’re the team to call.

    Our Services

    Whether you only need a few holes patching up or an entire ceiling repair, our experienced team are passionate and capable of taking on jobs of all sizes. 

    We pride ourselves on our professionalism and always going the extra mile to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied. So no matter what plastering service you’re after, you can guarantee we’ll produce high-quality work every time.

    • Plasterboard gyprock installation and repairs
    • Water damage repairs
    • Cornice installation decorative or plain
    • Soundproof gyprock plasterboard installation
    • Fire rating gyprock plasterboard installation
    • The panel, or flush plasterboard lining
    • Shadow line finishes
    • Wall partitioning
    • Bulkheads

    All Melbourne Constructions Plastering Services

    03 9732 9876

    The team at All Melbourne Constructions is passionate about creating beautiful and functional spaces that reflect the client's needs.

    Our professional approach to each project always aims to exceed the expectations of all stakeholders. We are fully licensed and accredited with a strong depth of experience across our whole team. Each team member is dedicated to delivering every project with the energy and enthusiasm that will produce high-end artistry every time.

    We have been successfully operating in and around Melbourne for over eight years, and we have delivered a wide variety of projects, from large commercial fit-outs to intricate heritage domestic homes.

    Our Flexibility And Knowledge Allow Us:

    • to complete framing out and alterations of any sized space
    • to create intricate detail
    • to add bespoke elements of design to suit the client
    • to take on high volume projects within demanding timeframes

    We are proud to be associated with Australian Apprenticeships Pathways (MAS National)

    We believe in investing in the future of our industry; in order to do this, we take on apprentices to train and educate them in both plastering and carpentry. Not only do we teach them the skills they need to thrive in our industry, along with a strong work ethic and business acumen to help them reach their potential.

    Melbourne’s Plastering & Carpentry Specialists

    Your commercial fitout team. All Melbourne Constructions are a highly professional team of tradespeople who are detail-focused and understand that completing a project on time and a budget is a priority for you and your client.

    Our reputation of delivering high-quality finishes is second to none, and we have a dedicated site supervisor for each team and project to ensure optimal time management and communication.

    Our team is big enough to work on high volume homes, townhouse construction projects, or large commercial fit-outs and small enough to offer a small family business's customer service and work ethic. We spend the time understanding your development needs to gain the best understanding of 

    your business and the requirements for each project. As a result, we become part of your team throughout each build.

    Plaster Wizards Services Melbourne

    0411 479 225 

    Melbourne’s Experienced Professionals

    When it comes to delivering top quality and reliable plastering services throughout Melbourne, Plaster Wizards are the experts you can trust. As residential and commercial plasterers, we have provided properties with effective, efficient, and cost-effective plaster services and repairs.

    Thanks to our reliable and trustworthy reputation, we stand out from other commercial plastering companies. The reason is due to us using high-quality materials and products, such as the likes of Boral, Rondo, CSR, BGC and Hopkins while being affordable for everyone in Melbourne. In addition, we have always believed that every home or business should be entitled to hiring professional and dedicated plastering contractors.

    When it comes to finding the right plasterers in Melbourne, Plaster Wizards is your team. By hiring us, you will get our experience, honest customer service, range of skills, and quality products, all for our affordable prices. Out of all Melbourne’s commercial plastering companies, you know that nothing can beat that!

    Quality Plastering Services In Melbourne

    The Plaster Wizards service the Greater Melbourne area, covering all plastering work for residential and commercial projects. The Plaster Wizards work on new homes, renovations and additions and provide competitive quotes on plaster crack repairs and patching.

    Insurance Work

    Let us take care of your insurance work. The Plaster Wizards know how to manage your insurance plaster crack repairs and reduce the stress on you as a resident during the process.

    Square Set & Cornicing

    Having completed many modern and contemporary projects, we continually deliver quality plastering services with perfectly straight square sets, window reveals and shadow-line/p-50 for your doors and skirting boards.

    Cornicing provides a sophisticated finish and comes in a variety of profiles and sizes to suit your project. From the simple but modern Cove cornice to decorative Victorian styles, cornicing will add a feeling of height and space and beautiful detail to your interiors while saving on construction costs. With 12 years of experience behind us, we are experts at providing plaster cornices for buildings in Melbourne.


    We do all kinds of suspended ceilings for your office, factory or shop, including concealed plasterboard ceilings and exposed grid ceilings. In addition, you can choose from a wide range of tile properties and sizes, such as acoustic and white finish plaster tiles. We can also install ceiling features such as sausage lights and bulkheads.

    Preformed bulkheads can be used for practical purposes in covering internal fittings or for cosmetic purposes to add emphasis and detail to a room. Preformed bulkheads come in standard sizes, but we can install custom-made bulkheads to suit your requirements.

    Ceiling Roses are used to complement decorative cornicing, usually with a light fitting or chandelier suspended for effect. We can arrange for custom mouldings, or you can select from a wide range of existing ornate designs.

    Walls & Finishes

    We can also provide you with a Level 5 Finish, the highest standard of finish for plasterboard. Level 5 is recommended when gloss or semi-gloss paints are used or when critical lighting conditions such as spotlighting or large window openings will occur.

    Fire Rated and Acoustic Systems and Metal Partition requirements will vary widely depending on your project, whether you need plaster cornices for your home in Melbourne or a suspended ceiling in the office.

    BAXA Property Services - Plastering Melbourne

    (03) 9018 6555

    Baxa Property Services has combined building services with real estate services to give you a comprehensive one-stop place for your property needs. The agents at Baxa Property Services have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals effectively and efficiently.

    We have many years of building background, working throughout Melbourne, and in 2015 we established our first real estate agency. We specialise in property that has the potential for multi dwellings, property makeover for sale and building-related matters.

    Baxa Property Services is looking to be more than the usual estate agent. At Baxa Property Services, we pride ourselves on being actively involved with our customers and ensuring their experience is one of respect and care for their investments.

    Pricing Structure

    At Baxa Property Services, we understand not all our customers require bells and whistles to sell their homes. Therefore, Baxa Property Services has tiered plans for our customers, giving you the freedom and choice to pick a marketing and project plan that works for you. In addition, our entry-level Silver Fixed Fee selling service ensures you know upfront what you will be paying, with no uncertainty around commissions.

    Electrical Spotting Services - Plastering Melbourne

    0468 4555 12

    Spotters R Us provides electrical spotting services in Melbourne and regional Victoria, which allow any works within 6.4m of Overhead Power Lines to be completed with utmost safety and security. Our electrical spotters are present to work with all types of construction companies and related industries telecommunication companies, Working within no-go zones within the vicinity of overhead power lines, including tram and train networks.

    Our team has vast experience of 20 years in construction and related industries and can advise about the safety measures and precautions needed when working within proximity of overhead and underground power lines.

    Certified By

    Spotters R Us team are proudly certified by ESV and Yarra Trams. They are fully inducted in RAIL (RIW), Communications (Optus, Telstra, Vodafone) with WPCG for Petroleum Industries of Mobil, Shell, Caltex, Viva. Our team is fully trained in all aspects of ELECTRICAL SPOTTING.

    Our Services

    Spotters R Us has been providing Electrical Spotting services to Melbourne and Victorian regions since 2007. We can also support your workforce with DOGMAN, RIGGERs and a wide range of personnel for any situation.

    PGP Plastering Services Melbourne

    1300 633 557

    With over 30 years of experience in commercial plastering, PGP Plastering is a well-respected leader in the plastering industry with a reputation built on delivering quality artistry and prompt service at competitive prices. During this time, we have perfected our craft in every aspect of professional plastering, applying the latest trends in design and advanced technology to achieve a spectacular seamless finish in line with the scope of work provided by you.

    PGP Plastering’s mission is to provide quality artistry, completed on schedule, at a competitive price. Our team is passionate about what we do, providing unparalleled quality artistry every time, regardless of the size of your project.

    As a reputable industry leader in commercial plastering, PGP Plastering specialises in commercial interior fit-outs. We have specialist plastering teams strategically located throughout Queensland, including Townsville, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Northern NSW, Canberra, Melbourne, and Perth, to cater to Australia's commercial plastering needs.

    Commercial Plastering Services

    As a trusted industry leader in commercial plastering, PGP Plastering specialises in contracting to shopfitters to assist with the plastering aspect of the project. We have specialist plastering teams strategically located throughout Queensland, including Townsville, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Northern NSW, Canberra, Melbourne and Perth, assisting businesses with their commercial plastering needs Australia-wide.

    PGP Plastering Specialise In The Following Services:

    • Suspended flush set plasterboard ceilings
    • Suspended one and two way exposed ceiling with ceiling tiles
    • Curved and straight bulkheads
    • Recessed light troughs, ceilings and coffers
    • Standard steel stud partitions, plasterboard, sound rated, fire-rated, wet area & villaboard
    • Feature plasterboard niches
    • Square set features and passageways
    • Supawood finishes
    • Aluminium door frames, glazing frames, extrusions and skirting
    • Decorative cornices

    Absolute Plastering Services Melbourne

    0419 110 012

    We are fully qualified plasterers holding Nationally Recognized Qualifications (Certificate 3 in Wall and Ceiling Lining). We are usually servicing the South-Eastern suburbs of Melbourne (but we can attend jobs in totally different areas if required). We specialise in every aspect of plasterwork and solid plastering, being able to tackle simple, straightforward jobs to extremely difficult ones.

    We can work with plasterboard, lathen plaster or render. So whether you have sagging ceilings, water damage, cracks, ornamental work that needs to be installed or restored, new jobs or renovations, big or small ones, please call me, and I’ll give you a piece of free obligation advice and options and a free quotation. 

    In renovations, the new work has to blend perfectly with the house in a manner in which it becomes part of it. I take pride in my work; therefore, being punctual, professional, honest, and competitive and having an eye for detail are important qualities that will lead to desirable results and happy customers. I also use the best quality materials made locally by reputable Australian Companies. Fixing every house like it is your own and giving 110% on every job is paramount. It is the only way to ensure the best outcome.

    Zapcorp Services - Plastering Services Melbourne

    03 9077 2888

    It all started back in 2013 when two cousins decided after working in the industry for so long that why not open our operation and provide our customers with a name to an already outstanding finish. So here, Zapcorp Services was founded, offering a diverse knowledge on various building applications, including but not limited to Cladding, Plasterboard, Architectural Moulds and Render.    

    Our Quality Guarantee

    Zapcorp Services has provided quality service to our clients for over eight years, and we are confident that we will continue providing that service for many years to come. Our Quality Guarantee states that if you, at any point, are unsatisfied with the quality of our service or installation, we will send someone back out to make sure it is done correctly and to the standards of our customer and our company.

    Our Services

    Let us help you make your dreams a reality.


    Popular amongst our clients around Melbourne, external cladding is ideal for its functional properties and infinite diversity, providing a sleek look to any modern project. At Zapcorp, we specialise in Fibre Cement, Composite and Timber solutions.


    Plasterboard is your staple in any standard Australian home. From its lightweight property to its cost-effective benefit, it is sure to help you with any design. We have you covered if you are after just a fix or to a level 5 finish at Zapcorp. 

    Office Fitouts

    Let's make your office space the place you love. Design it your way, or let us help you find inspiration that makes most of your set budget. From minor solutions to massive changes, Zapcorp will get it done.


    No project can happen without a frame. So from your everyday to your Intricate Frame, we can construct it. Specialising in Metal Stud, Battening and Ceiling grids.

    Architectural Moulds

    Architectural mouldings are lightweight, contemporary, and a modern solution to help achieve the look of just about any style you desire. With the aid of Zapcorp, you can guarantee we will provide you with an elegant finish to the exterior of your home or restore and conserve historic buildings.

    Get Smart Plastering Services Melbourne

    0418 590 780

    Plastering Is What We Do.

    Get Smart Plastering has been plastering Melbourne homes for over 25 years. We approach each job individually, and our exacting standards mean you’ll receive superior craftsmanship with a quality finish. 

    The Team

    Since the establishment of Get Smart Plastering, we have had the philosophy of recruiting and retaining the best-qualified people to work with us.  


    We service all types of plastering works and specialise in smaller, boutique, bespoke projects such as bathroom and kitchen renovations. This includes the unique specialty area of Victorian cornice and ornamental work. Not limited to these projects, we also do insurance work as required.

    A & A Plastering Services Melbourne

    0433 576 000

    A plastering team, family-run and operated with over 30 years experience both internationally and in Australia. Our team is dedicated to providing a quality plastering service using the highest quality materials at affordable prices. We cover a wide range of plastering services such as new home builds, Multi-Level developments, Large scale complexes & buildings, apartments & units, renovations, repairs and maintenance.

    Our Services Include:

    • New Home builds
    • Extensions & Renovations to existing homes
    • Business and offices
    • Commercial Buildings / factories & Centres
    • Repairs & Maintenance
    • Heritage-listed building
    • Solid plasterwork
    • Restoration work
    • Supply and install
    • Supply only
    • Install Only
    • Free quotes and estimates
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