Top 30 Plastering Services Melbourne [2022]

Looking for a reliable and experienced plastering services company in Melbourne? Look no further than the list we've compiled of the best in the business!

From small repair jobs to large-scale commercial projects, these companies have the skills and experience to get the job done right. So whether you're in need of a quick fix or a complete overhaul, be sure to check out our list of recommended plastering services in Melbourne!

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    Ultimate List Of Plastering Services Melbourne

    Plastering National Services Melbourne

    0451 488 119


    Plastering National is a fully qualified plastering company in Melbourne and Mornington, offering all aspects of domestic and commercial plastering, drywall and general plaster repair services. With proven expertise in residential and commercial plastering projects, Plastering National is a trusted name throughout Melbourne and Mornington areas.

    Established in 2005, we have seen the plastering industry grow and have experience with all kinds of materials used in plastering projects of all shapes and sizes.


    All interior plastering in houses, townhouses, units, apartments, and granny flats. Quality workmanship whilst ensuring all work is completed by specified deadlines.


    We provide fully tailored commercial and residential plastering services in Melbourne, Mornington and the surrounding areas.


    We are very experienced commercial Plasterers / Gyprockers, providing high-quality workmanship in all aspects of the commercial fit-outs trade. 


    Water damage? Crumbling cracked walls? Need ceiling repair? Or just want to freshen up your living space? Our plasterers can help!


    Plastering National have been completing residential, commercial, office and retail fit-outs throughout Melbourne for over 16 years. Our experience ranges from smaller but intricately designed and crafted projects right through many companies to large scale complex developments. We pride ourselves on being a professional, reliable company capable of providing astute technical advice all the way through to the complexities of strategic workplace planning.



    Plastering National has been trusted Melbourne plasterers for over 16 years, we’ve completed over 10,000 plastering jobs. We’ve seen it all and done it all in that time, so if you’re looking for high-quality, affordable commercial & residential plastering services, you’re in the right place.

    MH Plastering Services Melbourne

    1300 412 567

    100% Genuine & Reliable?

    With considerable plastering industry experience, we have the knowledge, abilities, and understanding to deliver the best, most cost-effective solution for all plastering needs. We can tackle any project, large or small.

    We are a second-generation company that was founded in Melbourne over 20 years ago. Bringing together ancient talents and cutting-edge technologies. MH Plastering is a dependable professional who consistently completes high-quality jobs. See why numerous construction businesses associate with us on every project, from patchwork to finished projects.

    Old Melbourne Plaster Services

    0434 105 237

    Old Melbourne Plaster, based at 532 City Road in South Melbourne, is an Australian-owned business with a solid reputation for supplying and installing bespoke plaster solutions for homes, offices, and public buildings.

    Old Melbourne Plaster is an Australian-owned business with a solid reputation for supplying and installing bespoke plaster solutions for homes, offices, and public buildings. Aaron Manson, an experienced craftsman, employs traditional methods to recreate the splendor of old plasterwork and transform walls and ceilings into contemporary works of art.

    FAQs Plastering Services Melbourne

    Removing ‘blown’ (loose) plaster beforehand can also add to labour and rubbish disposal costs. Discuss with your plasterer whether you could save money by following their instructions to remove blown plaster before they arrive.

    The first step toward perfect plastering is avoiding the temptation to do it yourself. It sounds like the plaster has blown. Yes, you can just take off the blown plaster, then uni-bond (PVA). Bond out the area using bonding and then when its dry PVA again before skimming the area back in.

    Yes, this can easily be removed and repatched with a backing plaster and a finish coat ..use a good plasterer to feather into existing plaster so the patch won't be seen when painted, all the best You can cut out only blown areas of plaster...but to get the best result, (hidden) I recommend that you skim the whole wall after patching.

    There is no real way to remove them without causing at least some damage. If they are held on with mastic, a heat gun can soften it, but you are unlikely to get the rest of the mastic off the wall without some damage to the plaster. Tile walls still allow some moisture to penetrate, if only at the grout joints. 

    This is because of the number of plasterer boards and other materials they will need and the amount of time it will take. Our traders have told us how much they usually charge¹ for common plastering jobs around the home, both inside and outside, and by the size of the room.

     Size of area, the time required and ease of access are factors that affect the cost to plaster a room. It may be possible to repair small cracks or holes without plastering the whole wall or room. Plastering is difficult, time-consuming and can be messy, so it is usually better left to professionals.

    Repairing holes and cracks, covering uneven surfaces and adding insulation are excellent reasons to re-plaster a room. Wet plastering, dry plastering, skimming and rendering are all types of plastering jobs. Size of area, the time required and ease of access are factors that affect the cost to plaster a room.

     We recommend applying two coats of plaster to the wall for DIY users. The first coat of plaster is your plaster skim coat, the second coat of plaster is your finishing skim; this layer is then dampened and smoothed out to create a perfectly smooth finish. The process of plastering the external walls of a house is called rendering.

    This process uses two or three coats of plaster to create an even finish and protect external brickwork. You might also enjoy our guide on the cost to render a wall.

    Bardwell Plaster Services Melbourne

    0417 012 902 

    Plastering Services

    In all of Melbourne, Bardwell Plaster offers a comprehensive selection of plastering services. In order for you to start using your area as soon as possible, we vow to work efficiently, correctly, and neatly after ourselves.

    New Structures

    Bardwell Plaster has created some stunning new installations. From simple, straightforward office spaces and homes to demanding high-end projects for boutique builders, projects differ in complexity. In these homes, quality and finish are of the utmost importance. With Bardwell Plaster, you can create curved walls, spiral steps, and even wave ceilings. Whether you want something simple or something unique, Bardwell Plaster can make your vision a reality..

    Jim's Handyman - Plastering Services Melbourne

    131 469

    How It Started…

    There are no company-owned firms, and all work is done by licensed operators and Franchisees. All Divisions, with the exception of Mowing, are collaborations with persons with experience in particular industry.

    Services for Plastering

    Then look no further; Jim's Handyman can assist you plaster your walls, ceilings, or anything else you may require. So, whether you have dents from typical wear and tear, a hole from someone's elbow, or a person-sized gap where you fell straight through... we can have it looking like new in no time.

    The Patch Dr - Plastering Services Melbourne

    0422 782 787

    From The Smallest Patch Repair To The Whole House Reno,

    We never rate a work based on its size or scope at The Patch Dr. Instead, we see each job as a unique creative challenge and an opportunity to solve your home improvement pain.

    From that unintentional hole in your wall to a fresh coat of paint to your brand new addition plastering, you name it, and we'll do it. This policy is founded on a true love of our job, creative problem solving, and the joy of changing your eyesores into works of art. Look no farther for your one-stop home improvement needs, with years of professional experience, surgical attention to detail, and personal service with a smile.

    Plaster One Services Melbourne


    Plaster One takes pride in our dedication to quality and professionalism. We have extensive commercial experience and are available to assist with projects of varied sizes.

    Our Products and Services

    Plaster One specializes in both internal and external linings for residential and commercial buildings. We provide a comprehensive selection of lining options, including plaster finishes, external cladding, insulation, and acoustic tiles.

    Our Contribution

    Plaster One has worked on a variety of projects throughout the years, including supermarkets, residential residences, heritage plaster restoration, low-rise apartment buildings, schools, daycare, aged care facilities, retail, hospitals, and sporting stadiums.

    Melbourne City Maintenance Plastering Services

    0403 162 666 

    Our services include, but are not limited to, Project Management, all aspects of Painting and Plastering, Cleaning, Carpentry and Tiling, Concrete Polishing and Grinding, Graffiti Removal and Anti Graffiti Products, Building Maintenance, and specialized Roof Coatings that reflect UV Rays and help to reduce heat transfer from the sun into the building while restoring old and deteriorating corrugated roofing, often eliminating the need for costly roof replacement.

    We prioritize safety and will comply with all OH&S requirements; our employees and contractors are trained to operate Elevated Working Platforms, including Knuckle Booms and Scissor Lifts, above 11 meters, and we will liaise on your behalf with Electricity Providers and Local Councils to obtain the necessary permits to work near and around electricity cables in accordance with Worksafe Guidelines.

    Repairs to Plaster

    Plastering is one of the world's oldest building techniques; did you know that prehistoric people originally coated their shelters with mud? It's now made of water, sand, and gypsum (so don't worry, we won't be slinging dirt over your house)! We are qualified to handle all types of plaster repairs, including drooping ceilings, water damage, and cracks and holes, thanks to our advanced plastering processes.

    My Plasterers Melbourne Services Melbourne

    (03) 9999 9225


    Plasterers for Business

    Leading commercial plasterers in Melbourne: We strive to deliver a high-quality, long-lasting finish for your place of business. This is why our business plastering services are so popular...

    Installation of a Partition Wall

    Our Melbourne plasterboard partition wall installation specialists improve the functionality of homes and businesses by dividing single spaces into separate regions for different applications. Our commercial partition wall installation services make better use of available space by making it more effective and productive...

    Melbourne Painters & Plasterers Services

    0407 223 660

    We at Melbourne Painters & Plasterers try to provide great customer service and satisfaction on all jobs, big or little. It is both our pledge and our policy. We take the time to provide expert, detailed advise and are continually looking for ways to satisfy our clients' needs and budgets without sacrificing quality.

    We understand the importance of flexibility and the unique time constraints of every job. However, security and confidentiality are imperative and maintained at every level of work. We have extensive experience dealing with personal renovations, real estate agents, property developers, construction companies, project managers and body corporates.

    HB Plastering Services Melbourne

    0413 822 664

    Your team of comprehensive interior specialists is HB Plastering. You can trust the staff at HB Plastering to provide great residential and domestic plastering services in Melbourne since they have more than seven years of industry experience.

    We also provide our clients with a free, no-obligation quotation. Furthermore, our knowledgeable staff is happy to provide advice on plastering and gyprocking services in Melbourne. So, whether you need your garage repaired, your ceilings repaired, or a few holes patched in your walls, we're the team to call.

    All Melbourne Constructions Plastering Services

    03 9732 9876

    Our professional approach to each project always aims to exceed the expectations of all stakeholders. We are fully licensed and accredited with a strong depth of experience across our whole team. Each team member is dedicated to delivering every project with the energy and enthusiasm that will produce high-end artistry every time.

    We have been working effectively in and around Melbourne for over eight years, completing a wide range of projects ranging from major commercial fit-outs to detailed heritage private residences.

    We believe in investing in the future of our industry; in order to do this, we take on apprentices to train and educate them in both plastering and carpentry. Not only do we teach them the skills they need to thrive in our industry, along with a strong work ethic and business acumen to help them reach their potential.

    Plaster Wizards Services Melbourne

    0411 479 225 

    Quality Plastering Services In Melbourne

    For all plastering tasks, both residential and commercial, throughout the Greater Melbourne region, turn to The Plaster Wizards. For new construction, renovations, and additions, The Plaster Wizards offer affordable rates for plaster crack repairs and patching.

    Cornicing & Square Set

    We consistently produce quality plastering services with flawlessly straight square sets, window reveals, and shadow-line/p-50 for your doors and skirting boards, having completed many modern and contemporary projects.


    We install suspended ceilings for your office, factory, or retail space, including concealed plasterboard ceilings and exposed grid ceilings. You can also select from a variety of tile qualities and sizes, such as acoustic and white finish plaster tiles. Ceiling features such as sausage lights and bulkheads can also be installed.

    BAXA Property Services - Plastering Melbourne

    (03) 9018 6555

    To meet all of your property needs, Baxa Property Services has combined its building and real estate services into one location. The representatives at Baxa Property Services have the expertise and knowledge to help you accomplish your goals quickly and successfully.

    Baxa Property Services aspires to be more than just an estate agent. We take pleasure in being actively involved with our customers and ensuring that their experience is one of respect and care for their investments at Baxa Property Services.

    Structure of Pricing

    At Baxa Property Services, we recognize that not all of our customers want to sell their houses with all of the bells and whistles. As a result, Baxa Property Services offers tiered options to our customers, allowing you to select a marketing and project plan that works for you. Furthermore, our entry-level Silver Fixed Fee selling service assures that you know exactly what you will be paying up front, with no confusion about commissions.

    Electrical Spotting Services - Plastering Melbourne

    0468 4555 12

    Spotters R Us offers electrical spotting services in Melbourne and throughout rural Victoria, allowing any work within 6.4m of overhead power lines to be conducted safely and securely. Our electrical spotters are ready to work in no-go zones near overhead power lines, including tram and rail networks, with all types of construction firms and allied industries, including communications companies.

    Licensed by

    ESV and Yarra Trams have both certified the Spotters R Us team. They have been fully incorporated into RAIL (RIW), Communications (Optus, Telstra, Vodafone), and the Petroleum Industries of Mobil, Shell, Caltex, and Viva. Our crew has received extensive training in all elements of ELECTRICAL SPOTTING.

    PGP Plastering Services Melbourne

    1300 633 557

    During this period, we have honed our skills in every aspect of professional plastering, utilizing the most recent design trends and cutting-edge technology to produce a superb seamless finish in accordance with the scope of work supplied by you.

    The goal of PGP Plastering is to deliver high-caliber artwork on schedule and under budget. No of the size of your project, our staff will always provide top quality creativity since we are passionate about what we do. Commercial interior fit-outs are a specialty of PGP Plastering, a reputable leader in the commercial plastering sector.

    Absolute Plastering Services Melbourne

    0419 110 012

    We have the ability to deal with plasterboard, lathen plaster, and render. So, whether you have drooping ceilings, water damage, cracks, ornamental work that needs to be installed or restored, new jobs or renovations, big or small, please call me, and I'll give you free advice and options, as well as a free quotation.

    In renovations, the new work must merge seamlessly with the existing structure so that it appears to be a part of it. Because I take care in my work, being punctual, professional, honest, and competitive, as well as having an eye for detail, are crucial attributes that will lead to desirable results and satisfied consumers. I also utilize high-quality materials made in Australia by recognized companies. Fixing every house as if it were your own and giving 110% on every project is critical. It is the only method to ensure the greatest possible result.

    Zapcorp Services - Plastering Services Melbourne

    03 9077 2888

    It all began in 2013, when two cousins decided that after working in the sector for so long, why not launch our company and give our clients a name to an existing exceptional finish. As a result, Zapcorp Services was established, providing a broad range of knowledge on a variety of construction applications, including but not limited to Cladding, Plasterboard, Architectural Moulds, and Render.

    Our Quality Promise

    For over eight years, Zapcorp Services has delivered great service to our clients, and we are confident that we will continue to do so for many years to come. Our Quality Guarantee indicates that if you are dissatisfied with the quality of our service or installation at any time, we will send someone back out to make sure it is done correctly and to our customer and corporate standards.

    Get Smart Plastering Services Melbourne

    0418 590 780

    Plastering Is What We Do.

    Get Smart Plastering has been plastering Melbourne homes for more than 25 years. Because we approach each assignment individually and hold ourselves to a high standard, you can expect superb craftsmanship and a beautiful finish.

    The Group

    We have had the attitude of recruiting and retaining the best-qualified people to work with us since our inception.


    We provide plastering services for all types of projects and specialize in smaller, boutique, bespoke projects such as bathroom and kitchen renovations. This contains the one-of-a-kind speciality of Victorian cornice and ornamental work. We do insurance work on the side, in addition to these assignments.

    A & A Plastering Services Melbourne

    0433 576 000

    A family-run and operated plastering team with over 30 years of expertise both worldwide and in Australia. Our staff is committed to offering a high-quality plastering service utilizing high-quality materials at reasonable pricing. We provide plastering services for new home construction, multi-level projects, large scale complexes and structures, apartments and units, renovations, repairs, and maintenance.

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