30+ Best Dual Occupancy Builders in Melbourne, Victoria (2022)

Do you need a home? Whether it's your first home or you're downsizing, a townhouse may be a good choice. More Melbourne developers are developing side-by-side multi occupancy townhomes, offering you more flexibility to obtain a larger home for less money. You may not have considered this, believing you require a detached home for your lifestyle and family's demands.

Melbourne dual occupancy builder? You want your major project to be perfect. Selecting each company personally is one of the finest methods to ensure success. You can choose the best business, alternatives, and materials for your dream home.

We've created an ultimate list of Dual Occupancy Builders in Melbourne, Victoria to save you time and money.

Top List of Dual Occupancy Builders in Melbourne

MJS Construction Group - Dual Occupancy Builder Melbourne


(03) 9570 1826


Team provides purposeful building projects. Trusted in Melbourne for over 35 years, we’ve built over 1200 new homes, duplexes, townhouses, and apartments.


Over 1200 New Home, Dual Occupancy, Townhouse, and Apartment constructions in 35 years. We’ve done everything.

If you’re looking for a high-quality, affordable builder in Melbourne, you’re in the right place!

  • Dual Occupancy & Duplex Developments
  • New Custom Home Builds
  • Townhouse & Multi-Unit Apartments
  • Residential Developments
  • Home Designs & Drafting


We’re a full-service home building construction & project-management company.

Home is where the heart is. But you live there too. MJS Construction Group builds homes that care for everyone. Our devotion to design, building, and customer service reflects our custom homes philosophy and enthusiasm. We’ll build your dream home.


The MJS Construction Group has 35 years of experience building hundreds of New Homes, Dual Occupancy & Duplex Developments, and commercial spaces. They work with private clients to large property developers and always take care to understand project details so you’re thrilled with the finished product.

MJS Construction Group focuses on connections, details, and quality results. Not just “say” We deliver. Our innovative organisational structure has helped MJS Construction Group expand and thrive in the design, building, and construction industries.

Bentleigh East builders are on schedule, on budget, and detail-oriented.


MJS Construction Group’s innovative building collaboration process ensures purposeful design and construction.


We develop single-, double-, and triple-story homes in Bentleigh, Bentleigh East, and Melbourne. MJS Construction Group guides clients through the entire process, providing better solutions to ensure homeowner satisfaction. Renovating?


As renowned dual occupancy builders, MJS Construction Group has a good reputation for having exceptional build knowledge and ability. Here’s more.


Commercial developments demand project management competence from inception to conclusion. MJS Construction Group has delivered high-quality industrial and mixed-use commercial projects. Contact MJS Construction Group about your commercial and industrial project designs.


MJS Construction Group loves building townhouses since each one is unique. Building townhouses in Bentleigh, Bentleigh East, and Melbourne excites us. MJS Construction Group can make your townhome fantasies come true.


Multi-level and basement apartments demand detail. MJS Construction Group is a prefered builder. MJS Construction Group excels at meeting market needs, operating within budgets, and delivering high-quality service. We can help you build any type of apartment building.


MJS Construction Group promises planning, design, construction, and post-handover servicing. MJS Construction Group maintains the greatest degree of professionalism from the raw site through the handover of keys to ensure your residential development is finished on time, on budget, and with attention to detail. Contact MJS Construction Group to learn about our home development experience.


MJS Construction Group manages subdivision planning applications, Land Titles Office registration, development planning, approvals, permits, and construction. Our knowledge and experience managing subdivisions can benefit your project. MJS Construction Group can oversee your subdivision project.


MJS Construction Group treats every project as its own. We’re confident in our capacity to deliver and happy to discuss joint venture ideas. Contact us if you have a site to discuss a cooperative venture.


Hamilton Bardin Builders Bayside Melbourne


0412 003 001


25-year-old Melbourne builders you can trust. We’ve built Victorian mansions designed by top architects and engineers.


Hamilton Bardin is Australia’s premier luxury home builder. Individualized, handcrafted residences that meet and surpass client needs.

This requires recognising that every family is unique and that your ideal living space is too. We help with everything from simple modifications to total destruction and rebuilding. Hamilton Bardin’s only mission is to build your dream home.


Hamilton Bardin is a Melbourne building company that prioritises both its craftsmanship and client service. We’ve been a leading Melbourne design, construction, and refurbishment company since 2010.

Hamilton Bardin offers a full package for renovations, new buildings, extensions, bespoke joinery, and interior design.


Through exceptional customer service and attention to detail, we ensure each Hamilton Bardin job is finished to the highest standard.

VBuild Melbourne Pty Ltd - Dual Occupancy Builder Melbourne


0425 752 803

VBuild is a Melbourne luxury house builder dedicated to delivering your dream home. We guarantee a spectacular, superbly finished quality house from your original ideas through custom design, planning, building, and beyond.

VBuild’s goal is to deliver a project management solution that keeps our client informed and confident in the project’s progress. VBuild’s considerable project management experience ensures projects are always conducted professionally and diligently, both client-side and contractor-side.


We’re always pleased to start a new home design and build with our clients. Our expertise will inspire you from day one by turning your concept into a beautiful, liveable house.


VBuild dual occupancy projects unlock wealth. Our Dual Occupancy team specialises on multi-unit and dual-occupancy developments. Our expertise, track record, and experience will unleash your property’s investment potential.


VBuild townhouse designs offer high ROI. As experienced Melbourne townhouse builders, we provide front and rear loading townhouse designs and side by side constructions.


If you’re seeking for local kitchen & bathroom renovators in Melbourne, you’ve found them. VBuild’s multi-skilled builders have years of experience and work to a high standard. Our experience encompasses kitchen and bathroom renovations from design to conclusion.


VBuild can help you upgrade, downsize, or renovate your home. We’re the interior designers Melbourne trusts to wow them. Our Interior Design service focuses on you and your home’s lifestyle. VBUILD wants you to appreciate your home, your haven.


Sound garden design landscaping concepts create great gardens, backyards, and front yards. Garden design is about understanding spaces, shapes, materials, and colour. We think this creates a more timeless garden.


VBuild is a compact, versatile, and pleasant 2001 drafter.

The company’s objective is to develop a modern, beautiful, connected home with a flexible and comfortable living area.

Our knowledgeable and professional staff will help with your assignment.

VBuild develops exceptional products depending on the needs of each client. VBuild will build you a sustainable modern house with a professional finish utilising the latest construction technologies.

Forme Homes - Dual Occupancy Builder Melbourne


03 8797 2133

Melbourne custom home builders

Forme makes building a house a personalised process. Each bespoke home is designed to fit your needs, so it's completely yours. Our builders have over 30 years of expertise building dream homes for Melbourne families, so you can trust them to listen to you.

Houses on Slope

Many of our clients ask us about sloped land. Split-level homes are great for sloping, awkward, strangely shaped, and difficult-to-access lots. Our expertise can help you plan a home on a sloped lot.

Rebuild-from-scratch homes

You've discovered the perfect neighbourhood, but your home isn't working. Maybe your family has increased or the old residence doesn't maximise room. Forme Homes specialises in knock-down-rebuilds. We'll build your dream home so you can stay put.

Dual-occupancy townhouse

Forme Homes will help you maximise your land, and we recognise that every family is unique. We develop dual-occupancy homes and townhouses that maximise space. Forme Homes has a tailored solution for everything.

Experience personalisation

Forme Homes promises a personalised staff throughout the process. Your team manages your build from design through key handover. You'll always have someone to answer your inquiries.

Our Story - Forme Homes

It started with the idea that doing things differently produces exceptional results. Forme Homes was founded to revolutionise the housing business. To develop excellent luxury houses through a personalised journey, not a process.

We believe your house should be unique, constructed to suit you and your lifestyle, with a journey structured around you and your needs. Whatever your lifestyle, we build for it.

Our directors Malcolm Watson and Vance Carpenter have over 50 years of residential construction experience. They love listening to clients' visions, turning them into houses, and moulding their lifestyles.

It's our dedication to creating a simple, personalised, streamlined experience where the procedure is tailored to your travel.

Carter Grange - Dual Occupancy Builder Melbourne


03 8544 4990


Our custom home designers will work closely with you to develop your preferred floor plan, facade style and overall design of your new home.

We take Town Planning requirements into consideration when designing and will work with you to explore options. Once we have your design requirements, we will involve a town planner to lodge the plans with the council and work with us to gain feedback to ensure a positive result in gaining a planning permit.

While we take care of all the paperwork, you can visit our impressive interior design centre to select all your finishes with our in-house Interior Designers, Byron Interiors. Here you can select everything from taps to benchtops, cabinetry, floors, doors and more.


Once the designs and quote are approved, we proceed with arranging the building permit (and planning permit if required) and prepare your HIA building contract for approval.

With a clear building site, we can bring our trades, suppliers and quality materials to construct your new home.

Throughout the construction process of your build, your experienced site manager will arrange inspections for you on-sitebenchtops and keep you regularly updated on the progress of your build.


After construction is complete, we organise a final walk-through with you. When you are satisfied with your new home, we proceed with the settlement and hand over the keys.

From there, your new home is all yours to enjoy.

Why Choose Carter Grange?

The decision to build a new home is by no means one to be taken lightly. Whether it is for investment purposes or building the home you’ve always wanted, there are many factors to consider. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider building your next home with Carter Grange.

Knock Down Rebuild

Make optimal use of your land. Knockdown the old house and rebuild a Carter Grange home. If you are considering building investment with Dual occupancy homes or just building your luxury dream home, Carter Grange can build to meet your requirements. Offering the latest styles and architectural designs, perhaps it is time you started over.

A look inside: The latest in interior design

We don’t just build homes. We provide complete home creation experiences with Byron interiors. Choose from clever innovations in colour and design, creating the finishing touches of your home. Make your home comfortable, luxurious and inviting with our selections of vanities, appliances, benchtops, floors and much, much more.

MPR Design & Build - Dual Occupancy Builder Melbourne


1300 677 219

Our homes and clientele speak for MPR Design & Build.

We know what it takes to build genuinely great houses. Come discuss your hopes, needs, and budget with us when you're ready. MPR Design & Build can elevate your ideas.

Operating for over 20 years in Bayside and adjacent areas, our Director Michael Rodgerson has built his name on quality and service.

MPR Design & Build has the personnel and knowledge to fulfil your goals and surpass your expectations, whether you're building a new house, remodelling or extending an existing one, or developing multiple units alone or in partnership.

MPR Design & Build can bring value to every step of your project, from bidding at auction to negotiating with a supplier to campaigning at Council.

MPR Design & Build provides architectural, interior design, and construction services to create iconic properties. Every client and property is important to us.

Inspired Homes - Dual Occupancy Builder Melbourne


1300 046 638

Inspired Homes.

We're a family-owned firm founded in 2004 that focuses on one-on-one service. As soon as you join us, we want to know your needs and goals. We're solution-finders who create your ideal package. Our flexibility in house design supports and enhances your lifestyle.

"Greater homes through better listening" is our motto.

Various degrees of inclusions let you personalise your home within your budget.

Our signature designs feature "The Piasta," a Polish word for hub. This interactive area features a designer kitchen; learn more here.

Custom design and tailored solutions are also available.

We hope to help you shortly.

Check out "The Piasta Design"

Our homes have a spectacular "unique characteristic" — the design revolves around "The Piasta," a Polish word for "hub."

Our jaw-dropping interiors stand out from similar styles. This brief film tours this "unique hub."

SHM - Dual Occupancy Builder Melbourne


+61 1800 683 698

Your Sustainable Home Transformation®

SHM knows you desire a proud house. You must choose a builder who shares your ideals and comprehend the entire process.

The problem is finding the right builder (let alone a sustainable builder) can be really difficult and seem totally overwhelming.

At SHM, we believe you deserve a beautiful, comfortable, sustainable home. We know how important your house is to you and your family, so you must get it right the first time.

After completing over 30 Sustainable Home Transformations® in the past 6 years, we've improved our method to provide a home you'll be proud of.

Here’s how we do it;

  • Walk you through our process to uncover your dreams and desires for your future sustainable home.
  • Meticulously take your dreams & desires and create your future comfortable, sustainable home on paper.
  • Get to work on-site transforming your rundown old home into a beautiful, comfortable, sustainable home.


We love restoring Melbourne's ancient homes into beautiful, ecological residences.

Sustainable Homes Melbourne was developed as an alternative for those who care about the environment and their children's future.

We live in a lucky time when we have everything we want. We have all the resources and know what to do. Build our planet's future now.

Tell a story.

We're Sustainable Homes Melbourne's founders, Michael Burns and Simon Clark.

We're both timber nerds who've gone a long way from our days as carpenters.

We each ran our own building company in the early 2000s. We never considered the environmental impact of construction back then, and we didn't know about thermal mass.

After 5-6 years of owning our own enterprises as young men, we felt bored and unmotivated.

In 2012, we packed up our enterprises and went abroad. We travelled the USA, Canada, the UK, and Europe for a year.

We couldn't help but examine the construction industry in every place we visited.

We snuck into a Canadian construction site to check out the timber frame. It looked and felt great. These walls were sturdy, incredibly soundproof, and kept heat in better than any in Australia.

Another time, it was -14 degrees celsius in Boston, Massachusetts. We were toasty inside playing board games, and the heat wasn't even on high.

We saw the world with new eyes. We rethought life and our dwellings.

Every national park we visited had a near-extinction bird or animal. Our world has endured so much in our lifetime, and if it keeps on, so will we.

Looking back, it's evident why we thought there's a better way to construct, but if we'd never travelled, we wouldn't have seen how other countries built and how we could do it better in Australia.

Returning home 18 months later, we decided to see if we could build better, so we founded Sustainable Homes Melbourne to build homes we can all be proud of—owner, architect, builder, and most importantly, our children.

CBD Contracting Group - Dual Occupancy Builder Melbourne


(03) 9376 0823

CBD Contracting Group is an award-winning, family-run residential and commercial building company.

Scott Smith, Phoebe Moore, and Phoebe's brother Donald are partners. Many of our office, site, and specialised contractors have been with us since the beginning.

We design residential, retail, and hospitality projects. Our diverse workload and skilled team allow us to work on multiple projects at once.

Our extraordinary design and technical work, delivered on time and on budget, exceeds our clients' project needs and expectations. Because we create solid client relationships, we rely on personal recommendations and repeat business.

What to consider when buying a duplex?

A duplex is a two-unit multifamily dwelling. Side-by-side units are common. They share a wall but have separate entrances and gardens. Two-story duplexes with one front yard are also duplexes.

Investment duplexes are prevalent. A buyer can reside in one unit and rent the other. Parents can live in one unit while grandparents or college-aged children use the other.

This article concentrates on duplexes, but you can apply the same advice to buy a single-family home, triplex, or fourplex. If you're going to find a duplex, consider larger three- or four-unit houses. Sometimes cheaper.

Why buy a duplex?

Beginner investors should buy duplexes. Duplexes are more profitable and less dangerous than single-family homes.

In a duplex, two renters rent from you. Two renters' incomes are used to pay for costly repairs like a new roof or siding.

Having a second rental apartment prevents vacancies. If a renter leaves a single-family rental, you cover the entire cost without rent. Even if one duplex unit is vacant, you still collect rent from the other.

You can live in one duplex unit and rent out the other. This draws polite tenants.

Things You Need To Know About Buying A Duplex

Many financing options are available.

Myth: duplexes give little loan possibilities. Duplex bidding is cash-free. FHA, VA, and 203k loans are other options. In some circumstances, financing can include repairs. That helps you rent your duplex faster.

Maintenance and repairs can be problematic...

As a landlord, you have responsibilities if you rent out an apartment. Consult a real estate lawyer to understand the process. Mold and other risks must be removed from units. Major repairs, like water heaters, harm tenants' quality of life. This adds up!

Tax breaks may offset them.

Duplex owners can get large tax benefits. If tenants use at least one apartment, you may get tax or repair cost breaks. In many jurisdictions, a duplex can be used as a principal dwelling. Consider state, local, and federal programmes.

Tenants like duplexes.

A renter may share five walls in an apartment - scary! Duplexes have one point of contact between units. Fewer noise complaints and conflicts attract tenants. Duplexes are usually larger. This increases occupancy.

Location is key

To maximise rental income, aim for year-round 100% occupancy. Location is key to securing long-term tenants. A condo in a "bedroom community" outside a major city may be in high demand, making it easier to sell than one in downtown.

Reselling is difficult

Duplex resale is difficult for several reasons. Rapid evictions can get you in trouble. You may need to make more pre-sale repairs than on a single-family house to attract a qualified buyer. Expect longer sales cycles.

Duplex analysis

McDonald's terrible burgers can be tossed. You can sell bad stocks. Train a nasty dog. Howevewr… You may be stuck with a terrible property for years.

Learn how to correctly analyse a bargain. Facts: Without the appropriate math, you won't make a profit on a deal. Buying generates profits. An analysis is needed.

First, conduct the analysis as though you're not living in the duplex. Why? Because you won't live there forever, it must be rentable.

After rent and expenditures are paid, we'll focus on cash flow. Cash flow is straightforward (income less expenses), but tricky to calculate. Expenses like:

Mortgage insurance

  • Property taxes
  • Property hazard insurance
  • Flood insurance
  • Earthquake insurance
  • Water
  • Sewer
  • Garbage
  • Electricity
  • Natural gas
  • Propane
  • General maintenance and upkeep
  • Landscaping
  • Repairs
  • New appliances
  • Capital expenditures
  • Office supplies, such as stamps and envelopes
  • Software
  • Gas and mileage
  • HOA (homeowner’s association) dues, fees, and assessments
  • City taxes
  • Advertising
  • Payroll
  • Property management
  • Vacancy rate.

If you overlook any of these, you'll have less money than expected. Bad! Consider all these expenses while estimating cash flow.

A duplex offers value growth and passive income to offset a mortgage. Consider your options before buying a home. Choose a realtor that understands multi-unit properties.

Duplexes are great investments, in my opinion. It generates equity quickly and boosts rental yield per square metre.

A duplex maximises the land's potential and doesn't require subdividing. Duplexes create equity quickly with a good ROI.

Property investment isn't one-size-fits-all. The information above will help you decide if a duplex is right for you.

Arden Homes - Dual Occupancy Builder Melbourne


03 8787 1300

Customizing homebuilding.

Arden elevates house construction so you may design a distinctive, beautiful, economical home.

Our organisation was based on a unique understanding of homebuyers' needs. We believe your home should reflect you because everyone is different. This philosophy drives our purpose: to collaborate with you so you may experience a house planned and constructed for you at an extraordinary value.

Each Arden home has high-quality amenities and finishes without sacrificing value. With our Aspire range's design flexibility and Lumina range's structural possibilities, you may build attractive spaces that suit your life and style.

With two categories, there's an Arden house for every lifestyle and budget.

Aspire is all about smart design, light-filled areas, and design freedom.

Lumina has creative, popular design options and outstanding standard inclusions.

We offer smart, sustainable, and energy-efficient building choices to help you live well in cleaner comfort while reducing your carbon footprint.

We invite you to step up to an Arden home.

Born Builders - Dual Occupancy Builder Melbourne


0450 019 804


Our business was created in order to meet a demand for reliable, professional, honest and experienced design and build services in an industry that often fails to deliver.


From renovations to building a new home or a unit development, we use only the most experienced and reliable partners to ensure that each project is delivered with the minimum of stress, on time and on budget.


Your vision turned into reality – any idea that you or your designer can come up with we can build it.
Fast solutions to problems – we solve problems fast to keep the project moving, which keeps our price down and your job on time.
High-quality standards – our 280 point checklist makes sure nothing is missed when completing your home or renovation. These checklists also demand a high-quality finish so our work is always completed to an amazing standard.
High safety standards –our employees are trained with all the up to date safety information and practices and our jobs always comply with worksafe.
Licenced and insured – all our works are insured and licenced to australian regulations and standards.
Clean and organised work environments – all our sites are kept clean and tidy which helps to keep the project moving forward without loss of time from lost items and messy work areas.
Fully trained and competent team – all our employees and subcontractors undergo rigorous recruitment and training processes to ensure all our work is kept to consistant high standards.

Sherridon Homes - Dual Occupancy Builder Melbourne


1300 188 669

Sherridon welcomes all. Too many options might be as hard as too few. We attempt to simplify your selection. Three ranges let you get started quickly. Choose the floor plan that fits your lifestyle, and we'll find you the right home.


Do you want stylish, economical comfort?

Our New Living collection offers 16 to 40 square foot move-in ready residences. Your money will go far for first-time homebuyers, young families, and empty-nesters.


AHB Corporate Group owns Sherridon Homes. This gives us huge buying power, allowing us to offer affordable, high-quality new houses. Sherridon has over 40 years of experience in New Homes. We offer personalised, proactive service to our clients.


Sherridon is a move-in-ready home. With many of our designs, you won't have to worry about 'additional' costs like driveways and asphalt.

Our homes have everything you need to start a new life.


Sherridon builds elegant, flexible homes. Every design includes distinct standout aspects. But we're not only about design and kerb appeal. Your home must be affordable. We develop affordable homes.

Certainty you won’t find anywhere else

When it comes to timing and pricing, building with many volume builders might feel like a lottery. Unpredictable.

Sherridon makes sure you know what to expect. You'll know how long each stage will take and the cost of each component. We keep contact channels available in case of the unexpected.

Premier Traditional Homes - Dual Occupancy Builder Melbourne


03 8783 3451

Beautiful traditional styled homes designed for modern life

Premier Traditional Houses builds high-quality, character-rich homes. Everyone has a gorgeous, elegant home. Your vision is our passion.

Choose from our iconic styles or our Premier Prospect Range.

Why Premier Traditional Homes?

Premier Traditional Homes has been developing high-quality, character-filled homes for Melbourne families for over 25 years.

If you want a home with style and character, we're your builder.

Custom-designed residences, knockdown rebuilds, sloping-block homes. If you want a home with style and character, we're your builder.

We provide high-quality service and honest communication to our clients, and we care about what motivates them to create a new house.

Our team builds a home that meets your demands and complements your site, bringing your vision to reality.

Our clients enjoy peace of mind knowing their biggest investment is built above code with quality assurance and industry-leading guarantees.

Langford Jones Homes - Dual Occupancy Builder Melbourne


03 9579 2278

We build distinctive homes.

Langford Jones Homes has built Inspirational Homes for 45 years.

We're a family-owned, independent builder.

We build custom-designed, premium homes in Melbourne's Bayside and South Eastern districts, Phillip Island, San Remo, Bass Coast, South Gippsland, and the Mornington Peninsula.

We make building easy. You can choose a design from one of our Design Collections and then work with our experts to customise it to your needs.

Use our Custom Design Service instead. From a concept sketch to completion, we'll build your dream home.

Our custom-designed, master-built houses suit your specific demands.

Dual Occupancy

Design Collection

We build dual occupancy, duplex, and townhouses in Bayside and SE Melbourne.

We've helped people develop townhomes for 45 years.

Our family-friendly firm guides you through the design and build process to ensure your project meets market standards and makes you proud.

We help you develop great 'off-the-plan' townhouses.

Since 1973, we've worked with Bayside Melbourne property owners and developers to produce dual occupancy, duplex, and townhouse complexes to suit their sites and buyers.

Our services include:

  • Custom design and build new homes.
  • Knockdown and rebuild.
  • Custom design and build townhouse developments (specialising in dual occupancy and duplex designs).
  • Offer over 50 stunning designs to inspire you; showcased in our Design Collections.
  • Town Planning Permit design and application submission.
  • Colours consultation by a fully qualified Interior Designer.

Working in Brighton, Mornington, and all the suburbs in between, we've learned what it takes to design houses that meet and exceed expectations on time and budget.

Our team understands the market you're marketing in.

We help you create a market-leading build.

About Us

We're here from Sketch to Dream Home Realty.

For 45 years, we've delivered exceptional, custom-designed, creative homes on Melbourne's Coast, Bayside, and South East.

We're a family-owned, independent builder.

We make building easy. You can choose a design from one of our Design Collections and then work with our experts to customise it to your needs.

Use our Custom Design Service instead. Let us design your dream home from concept to completion.

We customise homes.

Our staff will assist you throughout the planning and construction of your project.

We collaborate with you individually throughout your design-build project. Our streamlined methods and communication make building easier for our clients.

Langford Jones Homes helps you address design issues and build your dream home.

Langford Jones Homes takes care of every detail, addressing design issues and creating your dream house.

We have expertise building custom houses in Bayside and SE Melbourne, Phillip Island, San Remo, Bass Coast, South Gippsland, and the Mornington Peninsula.

Our custom-designed, master-built houses suit your specific demands.

5AB Homes - Dual Occupancy Builder Melbourne


1300 000 523


5AB Homes is one of Australia's most reputable builders.

Since we started, we've wanted to assist people realise their home ownership aspirations.

With a history in construction, we know building a house can be difficult without help. Time, energy, and money are scarce in today's world. People lack the experience and knowledge to understand construction's details.

One must rely on contractors whose credibility is often hard to determine. Realizing the need for a complete package that takes on all the housebuilding obligations and hassles, we started this company.

With our smart strategy, we've expanded and gained many pleased consumers over time. We value honesty, transparency, communication, delivery, and support.

Our only goal is to make the client's house-building journey a pleasurable and memorable one, thus we provide open and responsive communication. The client is involved at every stage. This journey and our contact with clients make us market leaders.

Quality drives everything we do. We carefully select contractors and providers to ensure quality. Our team of professionals supervises construction to guarantee it meets industry standards.

Our organisation also continues to support clients after the task is done. We keep in touch with them and support them with their homes.

We're serious.

Top designers and architects

  • Our designers and architects create jaw-dropping designs.
  • On-time delivery
  • We deliver on time so you can move in on schedule.
  • Budget-friendly savings
  • Building a home isn't pricey. Having allies.


Our team has expert contractors and subcontractors.



We offer industry-leading warranties, guarantees, and sustainability. With structural and product guarantees, you can construct with confidence.


Our quality assurance programme means a separate team of professionals will assess our work. This ensures your home's durability. Full support

Build Process

Knowing what to expect makes building a home easier and more enjoyable. 5abhomes supports your construction dreams from first meeting to final inspection.

Mimosa Homes - Dual Occupancy Builder Melbourne


03 8361 1901



Our professional staff will guide you through the building process and answer your queries.


Our company model is customer service-based. At Mimosa, you'll be greeted by name and offered personalised service.

Flexible Floorplans

We stand apart from other builders by customising floor plans. We let clients make little or significant floor plan adjustments to build their dream home.


Our fixed-price contract will ensure there are no surprises at the end of your project. Mimosa Homes guarantees this.


We just released a new line of modern, architecturally designed residences. Mimosa Homes has over 45 new home designs and a gorgeous range of facades.


Mimosa Houses has new completed homes, display homes, homes under construction, and off-the-plan house & land packages.


Mimosa Homes is passionate about building exceptional homes in Melbourne's northern and western suburbs where families can live, grow, and enjoy their community.

Jenk Kaide leads Mimosa Homes. Jenk has built residences for 20 years. Mimosa Homes was founded in 2007 to address demand.

Mimosa Homes is one of Melbourne's fastest-growing home builders due to its focus to quality, service, and detail.

Mimosa Homes provides numerous gorgeous designs for busy families like yours.

U Homes - Dual Occupancy Builder Melbourne


03 9048 5738

At U Homes, we build quality custom designed homes to suit your needs. This means enhanced liveability, style, flexibility and comfort considering your personal and cultural needs.

We strive to provide you with an enjoyable experience from the time you step into our display home and meet one of our consultants. You will receive personal service from the start to the end of your project.

Once you are on board, your journey starts with a personalised consultation with our in-house designer to craft your dream home. You will also meet with our in-house interior designer/colour consultant for a one on one colour consultation.


Your Home, Designed And Built The Way You Want It. That’s What U Homes Is All About.

The ‘Great Australian Dream of owning your own home has been the cornerstone of social and economic drive since the 1950s and 60s. The family home was the place where Australians felt comforted, secure and a sense of pride. Where social gatherings were enjoyed, and the family grew up, all to form unforgeable memories.

Today, our world has changed quite a bit from 60-70 years ago, and the modern home has had to be redesigned to fit peoples’ evolving lifestyles.

U Homes is at the forefront of contemporary and bespoke home design. We know that it’s not a ‘one shoe fits all’ world as homeowners today look for an environment that better reflects their individual requirements. Our trump card? As your requirements change, our home designs can change with them with our innovative floorplan designs.

But design is only part of the story. Our insistence on high-quality materials, fit and finish is paramount to our success, while a keen eye on value and transparency round off the U Homes appeal.

Burbank Homes - Dual Occupancy Builder Melbourne


13 28 73


Burbank Homes has won honours for its homebuilding since 1983.

Burbank Homes is a family-owned and run business that instils family values in every home.

Burbank began as a small homebuilder in Melbourne’s west and has spread to Queensland, South Australia, New South Wales, and the ACT.

Burbank features a home for every lifestyle and price, with single- and double-story structures, townhouses, and flats.


Today, the Burbank Group includes the award-winning Burbank Homes and a host of subsidiary companies, such as a plumbing and electrical business, a land development company, a resorts business, a finance arm, an IT team, an aviation service, medium and high density living solutions, and a storage business.

This confluence of disciplinary expertise boosts Burbank Homes’ reputation and gives consumers peace of mind.


Family-owned and operated since 1983. Along with experience, we offer fantastic inclusions and warranties to make your build trip as smooth as possible. Burbank is a reputable, award-winning Australian function Object.

LBD Homes - Dual Occupancy Builder Melbourne


+61 417 864 187

IBD Homes began the journey to help people to visualize their dream houses in such an easy manner. Our team has got years of experience in the field of design software development and architecture


As one of the leading dual occupancy design and home builders in Melbourne, we never give anything less than our best. Be it detailing, design or optimum utilisation of your land – we excel at it all. Our team at LBD Homes believes that your home is a testament to your lifestyle and personal taste, but how do we achieve this?

  • Attaining the most probable ROI by cost-analysing
  • Site-analysing method for the best used of everysite
  • Professionalized team for designing and build-process
  • Customized solutions for your home demands
  • Offering you with energy-efficient homes


I’m coming home, tell the world that I’m coming Home – A Feeling by LBD Homes

As they say, ‘Coming home is such a beautiful thing’.

Our team at LBD Homes believes your home should be designed in a way that you have always dreamed of. With our impeccable designs and highly skilled team, we assure you that your journey towards your dream home is closer than you could have imagined. Before we start working on anything, our topmost priority is understanding what your taste and personality are like. Being one of the most reliable boutique home builders, we never compromise on the quality of our services.

Let us help you build the home of your dreams

Home is where the heart is, so you want to make sure your heart sleeps, eats and lives in a beautiful place. Being one of the most reliable multi-unit builders and unique boutique home builders in Melbourne, we are always up to date with the latest designs and innovations that are taking over the market.

Building your luxury home has never been this easy.

We believe that luxury and style go hand in hand. What makes us one of the unique boutique home builders in Melbourne is that we have the experience and knowledge of working with various clients who wanted work that met their tastes. Our talented design team is flooded with new ideas every day, and one of them is sure to be able to help you conceptualise a home that reflects your exquisite taste and individuality.

We will help you build a one-of-a-kind home that is exclusively customised for your needs. What inspires us is elegant and distinctive home designs that give their owner a sense of pride.

Work with our modern home builders

Lifestyle by design is renowned as one of the most innovative teams of boutique home builders in Melbourne. For us, every home is unique. Your journey with us towards your dream home is going to be easier than you ever thought.

If you are looking for multi-home builders who can help you design the home of your dreams, then look no further. Our team of multi-unit builders in Melbourne is well-equipped and knowledgeable of the latest architectural trends, so you can be confident that they’ll be able to customise a home or investment that is perfect for you. They will begin by asking you a few questions about your lifestyle and intentions for the property upon completion so that they can give their best advice for your Dual Occupancy development site.


Lifestyle by design is a Boutique Design and Building company that is renowned for creating Architecturally–designed Homes, Dual Occupancies, Extensions and Major Renovations. As one of Melbourne’s Leading Residential Building and Design firms, we never waiver on paying the closest attention to detail, attaining superior results, and demonstrating our winning formula of excellence in customer service and delivery.

LBD strives for the ultimate in quality construction, immaculate finishes, and overall perfectionism. This permeates everything we do and is inclusive of the premium customer service and communication we consistently focus on and provide.

Lifestyle By Design’s Winning Team is Managed by Brad Schram and Nick Black

With over thirty years of combined experience, our Directors are hands-on and intuitively involved in every aspect of your experience with us. Brad and Nick are both driven by excellence, renowned for perfection, and powered by their passion for giving you the home of your dreams.

Carmel Homes - Dual Occupancy Builder Melbourne


1300 79 28 20

Carmel Homes is a family-owned luxury custom home builder based in Melbourne. With over 30 years of experience, we are proud of the reputation gained for the quality of our carefully constructed homes and the high level of aftercare service we provide.

Carmel Homes was designed to be unique with a specific focus on the high-end custom home market. Our staff, organisation, procedures and philosophies have been crafted around catering exclusively to the most discerning customers and building only the highest quality and most impressive homes. 

Choosing the Right Block for Your Melbourne Dream Home

For most people, the detail of their dream home is all in the structure itself. They have a clear view of the size and shape of the internal spaces and the features they want to see included. Many will also have picked out their favourite materials and finishes and have several ideas about their statement styling choices.

However, when you are building a home, the land it sits on is just as important as the structure itself. Pick the right block, and your dream design will fit perfectly into the landscape. Pick the wrong one, and you may need to adjust – or completely abandon – your long-held plans.

Thankfully, there are a couple of key features you can use to assess the suitability of any block. To work out whether a block is right for your dream build, carefully consider the following characteristics.


Carmel Homes is a family-owned premium custom home builder based in Melbourne. With over 30 years of experience, we are proud of the reputation gained for the quality of our carefully constructed homes and the high level of aftercare service we provide.

We produce homes that feature design-led living spaces in prime locations and offer high investment value. Developments that range from exclusive family homes to city centre townhouse complexes. Our considered approach to development and our commitment to quality leads us to work only with leading architects and trusted contractors.

Carmel Homes was designed to be unique with a specific focus on the high-end custom home market. Our staff, organisation, procedures and philosophies have been crafted around catering exclusively to the most discerning customers and building only the highest quality and most impressive homes. Everyone at Carmel Homes works together as a team and shares a true love for building remarkable custom homes.

As a family business, we understand that we are building homes for families. From modern contemporary homes to traditional estates, we are committed to tailoring each home to the lifestyle and dreams of our clients. For a collaborative approach to building your next home, feel free to contact us.

Mystique Homes - Dual Occupancy Builder Melbourne


1300 232 002


We have knowledge in all construction fields, including architectural design, building rules, zoning restrictions, and fundamental construction aspects. Our services include creating custom residences, renovating or refurbishing sites, and installing and extending current structures.


Mystique Homes is a homebuilder. We build affordable custom homes. We can design homes to fit your lifestyle, wants, land, and budget. Mystique Homes fabricates your new home under one roof under your supervision. Your house is built faster, easier, and smoother with your own designer, site administrator, and specialists than with other bespoke builders. We design unique homes that reflect your lifestyle and individuality.


Renovation improves a broken, damaged, or outmoded structure. Business or private redesigns are widespread. Socially, remodelling might mean creating something new or giving it new life. If a network is fortified and rebuilt, it can be redesigned. Innovation has improved the planning stage of the redesign process. Free online outline tools have improved progress representation at a fraction of the cost of hiring an interior designer. Many people remodel their homes to change their appearance or to make room for someone else.


Sometimes the perfect lot has a house. Our knockdown-rebuild service can help you establish your dream home at your current address, minimising lifestyle impact. Our clients can contact us directly for demolishing infrastructure. After dismantling the old building, a new one can be built. We offer affordable knockdowns and rebuilds. If you wish to demolish a structure, call us.

Multisite development

Custom-built to your style, demands, and budget. Impressive luxury homes made by talented, qualified artisans. Our vast crew works on several development initiatives. If you need a multi-site real estate builder, contact us.


Keep your address while we build your ideal house. Renovations go beyond paint and flooring. Later, one may elect to instal things missed during house construction. In such instances, you must contact professional builders who can instal new pieces without damaging the framework. Same goes for home additions. We thought about adding on to our home in the past. This labour is difficult, and inexperience might damage the project. It's best to employ a contractor with experience developing such projects. If you plan to instal or extend, contact us.


An expert building contractor is finding, requesting, bidding on, and scheduling subcontractors. Homebuilding encompasses architectural design, building laws, zoning regulations, and basic construction. We supervise the development of single-family and multifamily homes as experts. If you want help starting a construction project, email us.


Mystique Houses builds inexpensive bespoke and volume homes. We have knowledge in all construction fields, including architectural design, building rules, zoning restrictions, and fundamental construction aspects. Our services include building custom residences, renovating or refurbishing sites, installing and extending current structures.

With Mystique Homes, you may create and modify your own designs. We'll walk you through construction. With a huge staff, we prioritise each client's project. No project is too big or small for us, whether it's an installation or a custom home. Choosing us ensures that your dream house project will be finished on schedule and to the highest standards.

Mystique Homes builds custom homes in Preston, Watsonia, Bundoora, Reservoir, Thomastown, Sunshine, Whittlesea, Epping, Lalor, Thornbury, Millpark, South Morang, Mernda, Greensborough, Airport West, Essendon, Maribyrnong, Wollert, Brunswick, Footscray.

Romeo Homes - Dual Occupancy Builder Melbourne


03 9796 0726

Romeo Homes – The Best Custom Home Builders in Melbourne

At Romeo Homes, we specialise in building the finest bespoke homes for our clients in Melbourne. Our goal is to make your dream home design a reality, and we can provide tailored solutions to precisely suit your needs. Crafted to your specifications, our home builders in Melbourne can build one-of-a-kind homes that will exceed expectations. Over the years, we have built an enviable reputation for our unrivalled service and can design a home just the way you envisioned. Talk to us today, and we will be happy to understand your requirements and take you through every detail of the project.

Looking for experienced new home builders in Melbourne?

We follow a customer-centric approach, and every home we create is as unique as your taste. Individually designed to suit your lifestyle, preference and budget, our mission is to create living spaces that inspire and reflect your personal touch. We are passionate about designing innovative homes and leave no stone unturned to perfectly finish your home.

Romeo Homes are family-owned and operated.

We are committed to building high-quality homes for our clients, whether you are seeking new homes in Melbourne or a multi-million dollar federation style home. Our commitment to detail has seen us excel in period homes in Melbourne and also modern federation style homes with features unseen with volume builders. Our entry-level homes have architectural merit, being at the forefront of the industry.

Want to know the cost of building a new home in Melbourne?

Quality doesn’t have to cost the earth. And affordable doesn’t always mean ‘budget’. There’s absolutely no need for you to compromise on your period home.

Talk to us instead.

Like hundreds of satisfied clients before you, you will be happy to refer us because, at Romeo Homes, we stand behind our only criteria “We build each home as if it were our own”.

View our federation style homes for sale, period homes under construction, and our display locations.

Melbourne Home Builders

Not only does Romeo Homes deliver exceptionally designed period homes & federation style homes, but we are also custom home builders in Melbourne that can develop solutions to suit your needs. Take any of our existing home designs and work with our experienced Melbourne home builders to tailor your new home to your specific custom requirements.

Want to custom build a new home?

We are known for offering the ultimate in terms of design and service, and you can count on us for designing a stunning home. We are experienced and begin by understanding the requirements of our clients in detail. Our attention to the very last detail and workmanship ensures that the homes we construct are breathtakingly beautiful.

We value your time and respect your budget and assure you that every aspect of your project will be dealt with professionally and with the attention it deserves. We will complete the project within the timeline and will work closely with you to ensure that your home is impressively created just the way you want.

Wondering what makes us the preferred choice of clients in Melbourne?

We believe in creating truly spectacular homes and emphasise collaborative planning and quality. We take into account your lifestyle, taste and budget to offer the best plans for your home. No matter the type of home you are looking for or the complexity of the project, we are here to design your home with ease.

Passion & Dedication

A family-owned and operated business for over 18 years, Romeo Homes has cemented its place as one of the highest quality builders in Melbourne. Specialising in period style homes, custom new homes and knockdown rebuilds, we have helped over 700 homeowners enhance their lifestyle with a beautiful new home.

Bringing a degree of experience to home construction that most homeowners can only dream of, we are excited by the prospect of taking you on the journey to creating and building the home of your dreams.

Avenue Building Group - Dual Occupancy Builder Melbourne



Melbourne Homes

New Homes Melbourne are Avenue Building Group's speciality.

From Building Permits through Handover, we can help. For a free consultation, phone 0411708256 or fill out the form below.


Get project help. Our experts are ready to help.


We'll polish your bathroom. Guaranteed labour and materials.


Our labour and materials are affordable. Free in-home consultation available.


Avenue is known for its modern, sustainable, and inventive designs.

Avenue builds residential, commercial, and industrial structures. We do new construction and renovations.

As an integrated construction enterprise with high-quality resources, the avenue offers unparalleled building solutions.

Sienna Homes - Dual Occupancy Builder Melbourne


+61 3 8685 8116

The Award-Winning Design

Sienna Homes' design is unique. We match your living patterns, personal style, and ambitions to the proper design. Building from the inside out.

What Sets Us Apart From The Rest

We are passionate about good design.

We think good design is essential. Every Sienna Homes Home offers flexible rooms, creative storage solutions, and expansive, flowing living zones.

Our designs are customisable

Sienna Homes is glad to include your preferences into our designs. We fit your lifestyle, style, and objectives to the ideal design.

100% Victorian Company

Sienna Homes is 100% Victorian-owned and-staffed. Everyone working on your new home is from Victoria.

Our Story

Victorians own and operate Sienna Homes. In 2007, we started building medium-density dwellings. Our team has 15 years of construction management, building design, and operations experience.

We saw an opportunity to extend our methodology to the consumer housing industry, delivering a high-quality, great-value home with a personal service.

Sienna Houses is delivering new homes across Melbourne.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dual Occupancy

Most duplexes are single or two-story structures that may have already been a single-family home. Duplexes are also typically larger, with the average duplex in the U.S. around 900 square feet.

Most homes in inner Melbourne don't have the width to allow for a duplex. However, it is possible to build a duplex one behind the other, with the driveway on one side. The downside of this is that the back home doesn't have street appeal, which counts for something when considering resale.

A dual occupancy property is when you build two or more separate properties on the same block of land. Or, it can mean building a whole new house next to or behind your existing home. It essentially means that you have two or more homes on the one title of land that will ultimately get subdivided in the future.

The development costs for any dual occupancy project will vary between $80k – 120K*. Building costs will depend on the type of duplex construction. Average figures on top of the development are: 2 x 4 bedroom with high-end finishes around $1m.

Duplexes are good investment options and have more benefits to offer, compared to apartments or villas. MakaaniQ tells you why it is best to purchase duplex houses, despite their cons. Privacy: No one has been ever disappointed with more space. Duplexes clearly promise complete comfort for the residents.

Is dual occupancy worth it?

We understand that you’re interested in maximising the value of your land, but that you might not be up to scratch with all the jargon. That’s why we’re here to explain what a dual occupancy subdivision is.

A dual occupancy technically means two properties on one block of land. But when we talk about a dual occupancy development, you could have two, three or even four or more units or townhouses on the one block, depending on the size of the block.

Before we dive in, if you’ve been thinking about doing a dual occupancy in Melbourne, we think it has a big upside. Here’s why.

What is a Dual Occupancy Property?

A dual occupancy property is when you build two or more separate properties on the same block of land. Or, it can mean building a whole new house next to or behind your existing home. It essentially means that you have two or more homes on the one title of land that will ultimately get subdivided in the future.

This can be great for accommodating family members, like elderly relatives, or if you want to get into the rental market and let out one or more of the properties while living in another.

Dual occupancy homes, characterised by two strata dwellings on a single block, are high-density living arrangements that can be an attractive option for owner occupiers, investors and a broad rental demographic. The benefits of a dual occupancy are manifold. They typically allow investors an optimised return on investment (ROI) from two income streams without the additional costs of separate rates and body corp fees associated with owning independent land titles.

Growing in Popularity

Specific generational shifts have increased the popularity of these buildings, as more Australians move into and remain in urbanised inner to middle-ring areas but still require close contact with inter-generational family members. More and more, Aussies are discovering the benefits of owning and living in a dual occ.

Commonly known in the US as duplexes, multi-family or multi-generational houses, they are gaining popularity in capital cities such as Melbourne and Sydney in the form of granny-flats, multi-unit, townhouse and dual-key developments as investors and developers continue to realise the cash-flow-positive benefits of having two dwellings set on one land title, with potentially far higher yields than blocks containing one strata building.

The benefits of dual occupancy

As an investor, you want to make sure you’re getting a good return on investment on any property you purchase.

Dual occupancy properties generally bring a higher return as you can have two separate tenants, paying separate rent.

If the property is in good condition, you can charge a higher price for either occupancy.

Another option is if you want to live in one section, and rent out the other to help pay the mortgage.

Dual occupancy properties offer investors plenty of flexibility. They can choose to lease both properties, live in one and rent out the other, and even sell one of the properties and keep the other.

All options offer high profits. Because you essentially have two properties that you can lease out, the risk of investment is also low.

It’s also a bonus that you don’t need to subdivide your land if you want to make the most of the property, which means there are no holding fees or excess council taxes, and lower insurance rates.

Building dual occupancy

If you have a large block of land you’re planning on building on, by developing dual occupancy living you’re opening the gates for a range of exciting options into the future.

Although from the outset, you’ll be paying more for the build – the returns are well worth it.

You’ll not only receive a higher-than-average yield with more than one income, but you can pay the mortgage sooner, increase your portfolio and improve your general cash flow.

You could use the second dwelling as an Airbnb, ensure you have plenty of space if your parents need assistance in future (or if you do), and there’s even a number of tax deductions you can claim.

Dual occupancy doesn’t only mean you have two homes on a block either.

You can have three, four or even more, so it’s well worth talking to the experts to learn more about the options available.

If you’re seeking a great way to invest in your future, dual occupancy properties provide a positive outcome.

Typical Returns Compared to Single Dwelling Investments

A usual scenario is that one site with one dwelling might attract a weekly rent of $750 per week, but each of the dual occ dwellings on the same potential site might earn $600 per week, which means $450 more in rent per week.

Also, if the land is of sufficient size, it’s likely to increase in value faster than a standard apartment in a large complex where land value is greatly divided. For investors, buying and selling is generally a more flexible exercise when it comes to dual occs, simply because dual occs provide an option to keep residency or title, while simultaneously selling or leasing out at least one of the dwellings.

Builders often construct new dual occupancy properties as two separate dwellings with different power meters, water meters and hot water systems. This means that more time and resources are required to build them.

Because of this, the disparity between building costs and the valuation can mean a larger deposit or more equity needs to be provided in order to receive financing.

However, if an investor can afford that extra outlay, they’re likely to recoup it over the years of ownership in increased cashflow and we can expect that by the time they sell the property, the real value of dual occupancy properties will be recognized across the market and a sale price that affects this will be achieved.

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