50+ Best Solar Installers Melbourne (2024)

Solar electricity is one way to power your home or business that benefits the environment. There are no direct greenhouse gas emissions because the electricity is made from sunlight rather than burning fossil fuels.

Sunlight is a renewable energy source, meaning we will never run out of it. Coal and gas are fossil fuels and will eventually run out. And in our sunny state, there’s plenty of sunshine all year round.

Once you install solar panels on your roof, they convert sunlight into electricity cleanly and quietly. Located in Melbourne, Victoria, and looking for a solar installer? Look no further! To get you started finding a solar installer, we have compiled a list showcasing Melbourne’s best solar installers.

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    Ultimate List of Solar Installers in Melbourne

    Solar Flow Installer Melbourne

    Solar Installer in Melbourne


    1300 93 14 24

    Full Service Solar Panel and Hot Water Installers Melbourne

    Solar Flow is Melbourne's solar and hot water expert. We're proud of our high-quality client service and our reputation. We get to know you and your situation so we can help you choose a solar power system that meets your needs.

    We're not the cheapest option but we're a friendly, knowledgeable Melbourne firm with your best interests in mind. Hire us for professional advice, bespoke installations, and outstanding after-sales care.

    Solar Power

    The Solar Flow team can instal a high-quality solar power system at your home or company. You'll reduce your monthly electricity expenses, carbon footprint, and environmental impact.

    Solar panels, inverters, and batteries can be installed at your home or company to supply clean electricity. In addition, we provide professional help and recommendations throughout the process, from planning and government subsidies to installation, support, and maintenance.

    Solar Flow is a Melbourne-based company dedicated to providing great customer service and product knowledge to residential and commercial clients. Solar Flow is committed to doing business openly and honestly while being socially responsible and preserving the natural environment.

    Heat Pumps

    Hot water heat pumps can maximise solar savings for folks who can't afford a solar battery. They can lower energy use by 80% and store excess solar power.

    Solar Flow is Melbourne's Sanden heat pump expert. Sanden heat pumps are the most effective available. Sanden heat pumps obtain the most Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) discounts, lowering installation costs. They're quiet (37 dB), making them ideal for solar hot water systems. Their warranties are long.

    From the beginning, it is decided it was important to contribute financially to the neighbourhood. Solar Flow supports non-profit community groups. It contributed in-kind support to Melbourne-based organisations like Engineers Without Borders, The Merri Corner Community Garden, and Small Giants.

    Helcro Electrical Solar Installer Melbourne

    Solar Installer Melbourne


    03 8804 5776

    For customer with existing PV systems

    Our skilled experts can assist you choose the right battery for your system.

    What is a solar battery?

    A solar battery is a rechargeable battery that stores solar energy for later use. In addition, solar batteries are used in a rising number of standalone solar charger units being installed in urban areas to provide public charging for electronic devices like mobile phones and tablets.

    Professional service

    We offer electrical consultancy, subcontracting, and more.  Our staff has the skills and knowledge to meet your goals because they've worked on residential, commercial, and industrial projects. If you want a full list of our services or have additional queries, please contact us.

    Affordable price

    Because we provide upfront pricing and charge by the project, you'll know the whole cost before we start.

    Our highly qualified electricians can help you boost the energy efficiency of your home or building to lower monthly electricity bills.

    Great support

    Customer service may set a company different from its competition. Helcro Electrical provides exceptional electrical services and maintains open channels of communication with clients. Call us anytime; we're here for our clients.

    Service warranty

    Each of our projects meets National Electrical Code and Energy Safe Victoria standards. This assures that our work, including component assembly and repairs, is flawless for the installation's lifespan.

    Our warranty covers parts and labour. Any installation we deem defective will receive free maintenance and repair, according to our Warranty Conditions and Exclusions Policy.

    Elite Smart Energy Solutions Solar Installer Melbourne

    Elite Solar Solutions Melbourne


    Triv 0424 458 835

    The top solar energy comparison service in Australia, Elite Smart Energy Solutions, was founded with the goal of making the process of choosing the ideal solar system for your home or business as painless as possible.

    With over 30 years of collective solar experience and a national reach into every arm of the solar industry, we have an unrivaled ability to find the ideal solar provider for your home. Simply contact us today to learn more about whether solar is right for you.

    Solar Energy Partners Installer Melbourne


    (03) 8364 808                                                       

    Through our solar finance scheme, you may be eligible for a maximum solar PV rebate of $1,850 plus an interest-free loan to complete the installation with ZERO upfront cost. Visit today to learn about the new Solar Victoria rebate program.

    Standard residential solar PV systems include 5kW, 10kW, 15kW, and 20kW inverters as well as tier 1 high efficiency solar panels. Contact our engineering design team today to determine the most cost-effective solar PV system for your home in order to reduce or eliminate your electricity bill.

    Custom engineering solutions for commercial Solar PV systems ranging from 10kW to 100kW are available from us. Our premium solar systems will ensure that your company's electricity bills are kept to a minimum while maximizing ROI. If you are considering going solar, please contact our Engineering Design team today for a free assessment of your commercial solar PV system.

    Eco Relief Solar Installer Melbourne


    1300 306 49

    Every day at Eco Relief, we work towards a cleaner future and are passionate about protecting our environment. We can create sustainable energy for future generations by assisting the world in changing the way we use electricity. As a result, we are investing heavily in renewable energy solutions across Australia.

    Our company has grown since then, but our core vision and values haven't changed. Naturally, solar has a lot to offer home and business owners. We want to help people while also helping the environment by putting our expertise to use. Solar power, we believe, is an investment in the future. We are a customer-focused company that will walk you through every stage of your solar installers in Melbourne project, no matter how big or small it is. We guarantee a high level of service because we are an accredited installer.


    We will make certain that all of your requirements are met, as well as that the best renewable system is delivered. We have strong relationships with high-quality vendors, so we can provide the best system for the project. From the design stage to the maintenance stage, our professionals strive for maximum efficiency.

    The Solar Power Co. Installer Melbourne


    1300 765 50

    Solar energy is changing the world for the better. More and more Australians are becoming aware of the devastating effects this has on our country and our planet, and they are regaining control - of their energy, of their own bills, and, by extension, of our future. And they're doing it with this new type of electricity. Over two million Australians have already installed solar panels, lowering their bills and carbon footprint. They are helping the environment by doing what is beneficial to their wallets.

    The technology is improving, becoming more affordable and accessible. Greater education means that in many cases, people are realising they can not only save money on their electricity bill, but they can also eliminate these bills entirely through the use of solar battery storage solutions.

    Trione Energy Solar Installer Melbourne


    (03) 9068 788


    Trione Energy is a highly regarded solar installation company in Melbourne. Look no further for high-quality solar systems at reasonable prices. Contact our helpful staff right away!


    Since then, Trione Energy has been driven to provide the best and highest-quality products at reasonable prices, ensuring Australian homeowners massive savings on electricity bills. We explain things in a way that anyone, regardless of solar knowledge, can understand. Our clients will have a good understanding of how Solar Works, the installation process, and the expected performance of their system by the time we leave the premises, allowing them to make an informed decision.

    Total Solar Solutions Melbourne


    03 9729 089


    Under the federal government's Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES), households and small businesses across Australia may be eligible for a benefit to assist with the purchase of a small scale renewable energy system, including solar systems. The benefit value you receive will be determined by several factors, including your location, the date of installation, and the amount of electricity generated by the system.

    The Victorian government is also providing solar panel and battery rebates to eligible households in the state, allowing them to invest in a high-quality solar system that is safe, efficient, and long-lasting. Feed-in tariffs are another way to profit from your solar system, as you are compensated for feeding excess electricity back into the grid. Contact Total Solar Solutions today to learn more about these solar rebates and incentives and how they can help you enjoy the benefits of solar power.

    Infinite Energy Solar Installer Melbourne


    1300 074 66

    We prioritize quality when selecting solar panel products for our clients, and we back this up with first-rate customised design, the highest standard of solar installation, and dedicated after-sales service. We understand that purchasing solar panels or a solar power system is a big decision. We are well-known in the solar power industry for our no-pressure, consultative, and informative approach to assisting our clients in fully comprehending the benefits of installing a solar PV system on their electricity bills.

    Beyond solar - electricity & battery storage

    Whether it's designing your solar power system to be "battery ready" for new battery storage solutions like the Tesla Powerwall or recommending the best electricity tariff for your needs, Infinite Energy will help you save money on electricity now and in the future. Perth and Brisbane are among the best places in the world to take advantage of new technology like solar power and battery storage, which are driving the energy industry revolution.

    Solar Power

    Solar power can be traced back to 1839, when French scientist Edmund Becquerel discovered the photovoltaic effect. In today's world, solar power has come a long way. And it's no surprise, given that Australia has some of the highest solar irradiance rates in the world. As a result, renewable energy sources such as solar provide a viable alternative to purchasing power from the grid. With the introduction of low-cost solar batteries, it is now possible to achieve nearly complete energy independence from the grid.

    Home Solar Panels Installer Melbourne


    1300 556 78

    At Home Solar Panels, we can provide you with that during an obligation-free consultation. We will demonstrate how much money we can save you in a variety of ways, not just with the installation of Solar Panels. We can assist you in making an informed decision with our expert analysis and accurate advice about the best design for your solar panel installation, whether for your home or commercial premises.

    Our specialized programs, such as a solar panel mapping program, enable us to provide you with accurate and appropriate advice about how your solar panel system should perform for your home or business. We will determine the best location for your home solar panels in order to maximize their efficiency. Shade from trees and other structures, such as chimneys, will be considered, as will the direction and location of the solar panels. So you don't have to be concerned; we are! As you can see, you cannot get an accurate, detailed assessment over the phone; in fact, you should take their advice with a grain of salt.

    Essential Solar Installer Melbourne


    (03) 8335 999

    Fully Australian owned and operated since 2012, with a focus on solar PV. In Victoria, we put solar panels on houses and businesses.

    A rooftop generator known as a residential solar photovoltaic (PV) system transforms solar energy into electricity that can be used in a home. To create solar panels, high-quality photovoltaic cells are manufactured in combination. The power inverter transforms the direct current produced by the solar panels into alternating current, which can then be used inside your home or exported back to the grid.

    Sunrun Solar Installer Melbourne


    1300 782 06

    Sunrun Solar - Your Trusted Solar Power Systems Provider in Melbourne

    We assist our customers in understanding the benefits of solar energy and how it works. We understand that each customer's energy consumption is unique, which is why we always provide expert advice to help you choose the best solar system for your home and lifestyle. Throughout the process of installing solar power in Melbourne, our experienced and highly efficient team provides exceptional support and guidance.

    Residential & commercial solar system Melbourne solutions

    Our residential solar solutions can help you control your energy costs while also increasing the value of your home. You can protect yourself from impending electricity price increases by installing solar panels in Melbourne and reducing your reliance on electricity from your home sources from your Local Network provider. The Sun's energy is free, and by collecting and utilizing it, you will be able to reduce your electricity costs.

    Solar Nextgen Installer Melbourne


    (03) 8316 291

    Australia’s Trusted Solar Installation Company for your home or business

    Your partner for solar solutions is Solar NextGen. According to us, a solar power solution results in a cleaner environment and the efficient use of renewable energy. additionally, solar panel systems do not go to waste. With our selection of flexible solar panels and much more, we hope to efficiently power residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

    With our cost-effective and long-lasting solar panels, we hope to empower your future. Residential solar panels, commercial solar panels, solar inverters, and solar panels are all available in Melbourne. Initially established as a research and development facility.

    Lightning Solar Installer Melbourne


    1300 009 27

    Lightning Solar is an independent solar retailer that has assisted thousands of Australians with a "stress-free transition to solar energy." We aim to be one of Australia's largest solar companies by 2022, with offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide. You can rely on us to provide a wide range of solar services, including panel installation, solar battery installation, commercial solar, and all solar rebates.

    We assist homeowners in transitioning to a more cost-effective, environmentally friendly future by installing solar panels on their property. We specialize in solar panel installation, solar battery installation, commercial solar systems, and you can claim solar rebates through us because we are CEC accredited.

    Amazing Solar Installer Melbourne


    1300 025 95

    We are completely committed to our planet, environmental issues, and humanity, which means we are completely committed to providing you with the most advanced solar power technologies at the lowest prices and the level of service you would love! Our mission is to astound the world by offering the most advanced and high-quality solar solutions at the most affordable prices.

    Utilize solar power, which is free, clean, and renewable, to generate low-cost electricity for your property, whether it is a small home or a large commercial property spread across acres. Amazing Solar offers high-quality, cutting-edge, and cost-effective solar energy solutions. We have the best solar systems in Australia for both residential and commercial properties. Our extensive range of solar panels, batteries, and inverters sets us apart from the competition, ensuring that we exceed all of your expectations and meet all of your solar energy needs.

    Glen Clark & Co Solar Installer Melbourne


    (03) 9736 399

    Customers will be able to reap the short, medium, and long-term benefits of solar power without difficulty. They will also have the assurance that we will treat them and their property with care and respect. Glen Clark & Co. are Registered Electrical Contractors (REC 19544), Glen Clark is a Clean Energy Council Accredited Designer and Installer of Solar Power Systems (A0210043), and all work is completed in accordance with the most recent Australian Standards.

    Solar Power Melbourne

    We have now committed to a higher level of service and quality by becoming a Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer. As Registered Electrical Contractors, you can rest easy in the knowledge that Solar Power is a part of our business and that some of the concerns regarding the viability of Solar only businesses do not apply to us – we are here for the long run.

    Amazing Solar Oz Installer Melbourne


    1800 558 19

    Produce Your Own Clean Energy to Save the Environment

    For anyone who values independence and efficiency, solar energy is an excellent option. Begin using a flexible, lightweight solar panel right away.

    Solar panels harness the sun, the most abundant renewable source of energy on the planet. It is an excellent option for anyone looking to reduce electricity bills and make better use of renewable energy resources. So, if you're looking for the best home solar systems in Australia, look no further. We are one of the most reputable solar panel installation companies, offering customers high-quality services. We have highly experienced Solar Energy Consultants in Australia who will provide you with the best advice on which solar panel is best for you.

    For years, we have been building some of the most advanced solar panels for our clients, earning us the title of Best Solar System Provider for Homes in Australia. Our products will observe solar radiations uniformly and convert them to electricity. Our solar panels are all extremely long-lasting. They also have a wide range of applications. They will protect the environment while also providing energy for your home. Installation fees are also quite low. So, if you want the best Solar Power Experts in Australia to install your solar panels, you must come to us.

    NewGen Solar Installer Melbourne


    1300 878 88

    NewGen works on projects ranging from simple domestic systems to large-scale commercial systems that are custom-designed. All systems are carefully selected and designed for maximum efficiency and long-term performance, and they are installed by fully-accredited professionals who go above and beyond regulatory requirements. NewGen is also one of the leading experts and partners of Sanden Eco, one of the leading suppliers of cutting-edge hot water heat pump technology.

    With over 1000 clients across Victoria (from the Melbourne CBD to the outskirts of Mildura), NewGen takes pride in its quality products, quick response times, personalized service, and innovative solutions. When you choose NewGen, you benefit from years of experience in design and project management for Victoria's leading architects, builders, and councils. We have close relationships with suppliers and technical departments, so you'll have some of Australia's top engineering and sustainability professionals on your side. On our Testimonials page, you can see what our customers have to say about our products and services.

    Horizon Solar Power Installer Melbourne


    1300 851 70

    Horizon Solar Power is an Australian-owned and operated solar solutions company (Solar Panels, Solar Batteries, Solar Inverters, and Solar Hot Water Systems), with the goal of becoming Australia's leading renewable energy solar provider.

    Horizon Solar Power is a rapidly growing company in the renewable energy industry, bringing to consumers a cost-effective, high-quality product in solar systems, providing a clearer, more environmentally friendly energy solution that contributes to the conservation of our planet.

    Solar Engineers Installer Melbourne


    1800 992 42

    Power is required for both residential and commercial properties. However, with rising power bills, Solar Panels Installation is the best solution. Melbourne landlords can enjoy high-quality electricity without the hassle of higher prices. The interiors can be lit up, and the fans can run continuously for hours.

    Conserve the environment by utilizing clean energy sources such as natural solar power. Residents of Melbourne would be making energy history by installing such a high-efficiency system. The panels convert solar power, which is heat and light from the sun, to electricity. This energy is stored in a battery and used to power lights, fans, and other appliances.

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