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Top 30 Granny Flat Builders in Sydney (2024)

Do you want to add extra living space to your home? A granny flat or in-law suite can be the perfect addition. There are so many benefits of building a granny flat - it's economical, environmentally friendly, and an awesome investment opportunity.

To help find the perfect builder for this project, we've compiled a list of our top picks for Granny Flat Builders in Sydney below. We have also included links to each company's website where you can view what other homeowners had to say about them!

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    Ultimate List Of Granny Flat Builders In Sydney

    Absolute Granny Flats Sydney

    Absolute Granny Flats Sydney

    1300 580 176

    At Absolute Granny Flats, they specialise in the design and construction of affordable, modern and versatile granny flats Sydney wide. Their team are dedicated to providing just that; a superior range of modern granny flats.

    Whether it be one, two or three bedrooms, there is a flat to suit anybody and any situation. At Absolute Granny Flats, they are established in Sydney, New South Wales who are committed to providing comprehensive and integrated granny flat construction.


    Their goal is never to just build a building, but we strive to achieve the best result in all areas of the customer journey from the initial enquiry to the completion of the granny flat and beyond! Another they are set apart from the crowd is their fixed-price contract quote combined without extensive inclusions for no extra cost.

    Premier Granny Flat Builder

    Top Granny Flat Builders

    1300 122 402

    It's easy to spot someone who enjoys what they do... they're the ones who arrive on time, with a smile, and can't wait to make another satisfied customer. So, that's us! Check out our testimonials to see if we're the real deal. There is no such thing as a small or large inquiry. We'd be delighted to take your call!

    We are a full-service granny flat construction company. We can help you with everything from initial design to council approval. We'll assign a consultant to guide you through the entire process.

    We have built thousands of granny flats over the course of our more than 20 years in the construction industry, so we are well-versed in all the pitfalls to avoid when building your own! How much detail and labor goes into what appears to be such a small build will surprise you. Your dream build will be realized under the guidance of our skilled builders.

    Benco Granny Flats

    Top Granny Flat Builders

    0403 773 574

    Since we began with insurance repairs, we promise that all work is completed to the highest standard. With access to a wide range of reputable, high-caliber trades, our experienced team, with over 30 years of combined experience, is the best choice to build your new home. The entire job is managed and coordinated by Benco, so there is no need for you to arrange your own independent contractors.

    We guarantee complete client satisfaction and ensure that every job we work on is defect-free. Director Corey Bennett's extensive knowledge in all aspects of construction from the ground up has contributed to Benco's success. Benco was founded entirely on quality principles.

    All Custom Granny Flats

    Top Granny Flat Builders

    1300 669 741

    Do you want to build a granny flat? All Custom Granny Flats welcomes you! The granny flats Sydney specialists, a licensed home builder since 1987.

    We are a family of builders who migrated from Italy in the late 1950s and take pride in producing quality work from start to finish. Taught in the family business by masters of the trade, old school generation of workers who learned the hard way that experience, hard work, and a strong work ethic are essential to the success of any business, especially the building trade. Hands-on craftsmanship and attention to detail are required in this trade. It is more than just a transaction. It is an art form.

    Granny Flat Builders FAQs

    Are Granny Flats Worth It?

    The upsides of having a granny flat

    Building a granny flat is an affordable way to own an investment property. If you are not yet ready to buy a separate home as an investment, you can start with constructing a granny flat first.

    A granny flat could help you make extra money by renting it out. Depending on the location of your property, your granny flat could be able to generate several hundred dollars of rental income per week, which could help cover the costs of your mortgage.

    A granny flat is easier to maintain and look after than a separate investment property, given its proximity to your primary dwelling.

    A granny flat also boosts the value of your property, especially if it is legally compliant. You would be able to sell your property at a higher value if you have a well-maintained granny flat.

    The cons of owning a granny flat

    While there are several upsides to owning a granny flat, there are also some consequences that you need to consider.

    If you decide to rent it out to unrelated parties, be prepared to deal with tenants. You need to develop patience as you might encounter tenants with different personalities.

    It would be best if you also prepare your wallets for costs associated with the maintenance of the granny flat. Related expenses do not end with the construction of the granny flat — you should also think of the changes needed to maintain and keep the property in shape.

    Another factor you should look into is the capital gains tax that you might need to settle if you sell your property down the line. For example, if you use your granny flat for income, you would be required to pay capital gains tax.

    What Makes a Granny Flat a Great Rental Property?

    When you decide to have your granny flat rented out to tenants, you must take note of the following:

    • Consider the safety and privacy of your tenant. The granny flat must have a separate entrance and pathways from the street to give your tenants access to the dwelling.
    • Make sure that your principal residence is located in a desirable suburb. Location is still king when it comes to granny flats — the more accessible your property is to places of interest like shopping malls, hospitals, and offices, the more profitable it will be.
    • Design your granny flat as you would your residence. Make sure that your granny flat is something you would be comfortable living in. Leave room for tenants to put their personal touches, like having the granny flat painted neutral colours.

    What is the Difference Between a Granny Flat and a Tiny House?

    Tiny houses are compact, transportable dwellings and an affordable option. Granny flats (generally larger) are a fully self-contained, comfortable home with up to 3 bedrooms and still an affordable residential option for those looking for accommodation in today's property market.

    A granny flat is a self-contained "house", usually built on the grounds of a family home. The granny flat is often detached from the other home, although sometimes attached via either interior or exterior walkways. The granny flat has enough space for 1 to 2 people to live comfortably.

    They also have room for visitors or more storage space, as granny flats can have up to 3 bedrooms. However, different states and their local councils have different rules for the maximum size allowable, ranging from 60 to 80 square metres and up to two storeys high.

    Be sure to check with your local Council as to the rules for the maximum size allowed for a granny flat in your habitable space as these vary from Council to Council.

    How to Choose a Granny Flat Builder?

    Ask the granny flat company if they are a licensed builder and request their license number. You can then also do a free licence check on the Fair Trading website.

    Ask for references and a list of completed projects. Where possible, ask if you can walk through a completed granny flat to check the quality.

    Check that the granny flat company knows about all the rules in the NSW Legislation enabling granny flats to be built via a Complying Development Certificate (CDC)?

    • Do they know a minimum block width of 12m, not just that the block must be more than 450sqm?
    • Do they know three different boundary offset requirements are depending on the size of the block?

    If they do not know answers to these questions, they are most likely not experienced granny flat builders.

    Make sure the company's website is professional and informative. If they do not have a professional website or all the information you need about their company, you need to ask yourself if they will be experienced when it comes time to build.

    Check the inclusions in the quote. Make sure you always compare "apples for apples" when examining different companies' quotes. For example, some companies will only quote the bare basics and leave out things such as essential service connections to make their quote look cheap compared to their competitors. 

    Sometimes when you thoroughly assess the lowest price and obtain costs for the "gaps", you find the companies' final price can be higher than the other companies that had everything included in the first place. 

    Do You Need Planning Permission For A Granny Flat?

    The conversion of part of a dwelling to form a granny flat or separate unit is not an exempt development. Planning permission is required. Most local authorities require that the granny flat reverts to use solely by the family if the granny flat use is no longer necessary, meaning that it could not be rented to the public.

    The rent-a-room scheme allowed by Revenue permits the use of part of a dwelling as a self-contained unit. To achieve planning permission for a self-contained unit, which is not classed as a granny flat, the development needs to meet strict planning requirements regarding private amenity space, parking, and separate connection to services and the like do not apply to granny flats.

    RB Sydney Builders

    Top Granny Flat Builders

    0413 128 441

    We are a family of builders who migrated from Italy in the late 1950s. We take pride in producing quality work from start to finish. Taught in the family business by masters of the trade, old school generation of workers who learned the hard way that experience, hard work, and a strong work ethic are critical to the success of any business, especially the building trade. Hands-on craftsmanship and attention to detail are required for this trade. It is more than a transaction. It's an art form.

    A home extension from RB Sydney Builders is an excellent way to increase the space and functionality of your home without breaking the bank. Our Design Consultants will assist you in visualizing your newly renovated home. Increasing the value of your home and lifestyle. The possibilities are endless, from creating comfortable bedrooms for each child to extending your living room or adding an entertaining area.

    Country Granny Flats - Sydney

    Top Granny Flat Builders

    +61 1300 030 475

    It's a wonderful gesture to assist your family by allowing them to build and live on your property. You'll have the convenience of having them nearby while also having privacy. It could be a retiring parent, a young couple just starting out, or a single parent in need of a low-cost living arrangement.

    A Granny Flat is an excellent investment vehicle. Most investors earn a 17% annual return on their granny flat investment. In most cases, this is sufficient to make a property cash flow positive. The extra income can help you pay off your mortgage faster.

    A granny flat is an ideal way to extend family living for growing families who like where they live and don't want the added expense of selling and moving. A granny flat can be used as a home office, hobby space, or guest room for visiting family members.

    Chesterfield Constructions

    Top Granny Flat Builders

    02 8065 3312

    The Chesterfield Team will be with you every step of the way, from the moment our Consultants visit your property and assist you in deciding on a customised design to the moment you have a brand new Granny Flat in your backyard. When you sign the contract, you will be assigned a dedicated Chesterfield Account Manager. During the construction, your Account Manager will be your single point of contact for any questions you may have. We don't think all customers are the same, and we don't think one size fits all! Rather, we build Granny Flats to order to ensure customer satisfaction.

    Once the design has been approved, Chesterfield Project Managers, Builders, and Tradesmen can begin. Our skilled builders are fully insured and only provide the highest quality workmanship. We have tried and tested processes for completing a Granny Flat build in a timely manner. As a cohesive team, we can ensure that our projects are of the highest quality, completed on time, and within budget.

    Sydney Building & Construction Group

    Top Granny Flat Builders

    02 9636 7141

    With Sydney house prices on the rise, our high-quality Granny Flats could be the ideal solution for adding extra, versatile space without having to relocate. Our ready-to-go Granny Flats range from multi-generational homes and backyard office space to rentable self-contained units and are affordable without sacrificing quality or style.

    We offer a flexible range of Granny Flat packages to suit every budget at Sydney Building and Construction Group. We would be delighted to walk you through the various options and assist you in selecting the package that best meets your specific requirements. Our highly skilled and experienced team of experts guarantees the highest quality of work. We build with pride and integrity, as well as a genuine love for what we do.

    Creative Living Granny Flats

    Top Granny Flat Builders

    02 9654 0841

    For young couples, saving for a down payment on a new home is getting more and more challenging given how expensive everything is these days. Finding $10,000 as a deposit for a brand-new granny flat would be much simpler.

    Have you ever considered working from home and saving money on gas, tolls, car expenses, rent, parking, and office leases? A brand new home office could be built in your backyard for a fraction of the cost of a commercial office, saving you money on all other expenses.

    Grandeur Builders Sydney

    Top Granny Flat Builders

    02 9869 7178

    Boutique style luxury living without compromise - Granny flats designed and built to inspire awe. There are numerous logical and advantageous reasons to have a granny flat on your property. In times of financial uncertainty and hardship, on top of a thriving property market, adding a Granny Flat to your Sydney property can elevate it to the next level of prime real estate.

    Although they appear to be smaller projects, building granny flats is not something you can afford to take lightly. Granny flat builders in Sydney who produce low-cost, affordable granny flats are plentiful. Builders who are not as cheap but build high quality, aesthetically pleasing granny flats are rare in Sydney, and we are proud to be one of them. DO NOT squander your time, money, or effort on a subpar granny flat builder.

    Orison Homes

    Top Granny Flat Builders

    1800 674 712

    We are a dedicated group of licensed builders, architects, certifiers, and designers who have built and renovated homes throughout Sydney. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality workmanship on all of our projects on time and on budget.

    We are extremely proud of our accomplishments because the finished projects we produce rank among the best new homes, granny flats, duplexes, and townhouses Sydney has ever seen. We ensure that the home we build for your family fits their lifestyle while also catering to all of your building needs.

    We are dedicated to being Australia's leading residential and light commercial construction company, with a focus on exceptional design, quality craftsmanship, and exceptional customer service. We have full insurance coverage in place, including Home Warranties Insurance and full public liability insurance.

    Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    Top Granny Flat Builders

    1300 830 152

    Because of our Construction Profession, we have dealt with all aspects of construction, such as building in bushfire zones and having fire-rated party walls for adjoining living areas. For example, in the above gallery, you can see the fire-rated framework being built in a Brookvale granny flat that we built. Granny Flat Builders Sydney priority is to ensure that everything is done correctly to ensure the safety of your family.

    We only use Boral or Knauf Parti wall and Shaft liner to fire rate our structures when building Sydney granny flats. Our certifiers ensure that the procedures are followed correctly and that fire-rated sealants are used in accordance with stringent guidelines to reinforce air gaps. We also pay close attention to the drenchers on all windows and other fire safety components.

    Our concrete paths, driveways, and hard surface patios provide excellent value for money. Some driveway and path work we did on a couple of granny flats in North Epping and Putney can be found in our above portfolio. We've discovered that most Builders simply pour the concrete, which results in the concrete cracking at a much slower than optimal rate in the short term. However, the long-term effects of excessive cracking can be disastrous.

    5 Star Granny Flats 

    Top Granny Flat Builders

    1300 843 945

    From the initial construction sketches to the final fit-out of your granny flat, our professional team will ensure your complete satisfaction. Then you can plan on building your dream home.

    5 Star Granny Flats is a company that specializes in designing, approving, and building granny flats in and around Sydney. We provide a full team to manage your project from the initial concept to the final fit-out. We can keep costs down, maintain consistent communication, and offer solutions to ensure customer satisfaction at every stage of the project by using in-house consultants.

    Our skilled team is committed to transforming each client's needs into a uniquely tailored solution, providing a seamless service, and producing outstanding results. Furthermore, we strive to complete each client's project on time and within budget while adhering to the highest level of safety and quality standards.

    Granny Flat Solutions Sydney

    Top Granny Flat Builders

    1300 259 645

    Meet the passionate and committed professionals who have helped Granny Flat Solutions become a multi-award winning business. A committed group of experts has been assembled by Granny Flat Solutions who are all passionate about giving the best service.

    Our experience and long-term commitment to the industry provide our customers with the assurance that they are dealing with a company that designs and builds nothing less than high-quality, award-winning Granny Flats that will last a lifetime.

    Granny Flat Approvals Sydney

    Top Granny Flat Builders

    1300 205 045

    The person you pay is the person who does the work at Granny Flats Sydney. You hire our team of experts directly. So go where the construction companies go. This is simply because Granny Flats Sydney believes in providing affordable granny flat designs to all mums and dads in Sydney and greater New South Wales.

    You save money by eliminating the middleman. You're also dealing with experts who know their stuff, not salespeople. You'll notice that we are steadfast in OUR POLICY of saving our clients time and money.

    Granny Flats Australia Sydney

    Top Granny Flat Builders

    (02) 9899 9154

    We take education, legislation, and compliance seriously and work hard to stay current on new information and changes by collaborating with Councils, Private Certifiers, and Engineers. This enables us to provide accurate information, accurate assessments, and upfront pricing.

    During the building process, our construction crew is known for their attention to detail and consideration for tenants, neighbors, and owner-occupiers. Furthermore, special attention is paid to site safety in order to keep all occupants and tradespeople safe throughout the duration of the project.

    Granny Flat Sydney By Blue Gum

    Top Granny Flat Builders

    1300 06 06 45

    One of Sydney's most well-known granny flat builders, Granny Flat Sydney has a strong reputation for being a pioneer in the granny flat industry thanks to its adaptability and creativity.

    We collaborate with you to design the ideal granny flat for your specific needs; our open approach is intended to help you make more informed decisions. You can be confident that your new granny flat is of the highest quality because only high-quality materials and artistry were used.

    Master Granny Flats

    Top Granny Flat Builders

    1300 643 545

    To provide the best craftsmanship, we combine quality artistry with superior knowledge. Our concrete raft slab is assembled by an experienced in-house concreting team. As a result, we are able to provide you with the most solid foundation.

    Communication between our team members and our clients distinguishes us at master granny flats. Our in-house design team will keep you updated on the status of your project at all times!

    Inhouse Granny Flats

    Top Granny Flat Builders

    9659 9045

    One of the many benefits of working with us is the ability to communicate directly with a granny flat builder from the time you request the initial site inspection until the final handover. Our expert builder will be available to answer your questions and provide professional advice along the way.

    Additionally, our customers select us for our custom design approach. With the guidance of our builders and architects, we give every client the chance to design their granny flat layout so that it fits them and their land.

    Rescon Granny Flats

    Top Granny Flat Builders

    1300 110 054

    We construct granny flats of various sizes, budgets, and properties throughout New South Wales, with a focus on affordability, energy efficiency, and sustainability. Our track record of success stems from a desire to provide families with an easy way to invest or keep their loved ones close by. RESCON Builders offers four standard packages for granny flats: Smart, Designer, Breeze, and Studio, as well as a full-custom option to fit exact specifications.

    DB Homes Granny Flats

    Top Granny Flat Builders

    1300 050 645

    We are a dedicated team of professionals with all of the expertise of a large corporation packaged into a small and welcoming team. We have over 35 years of valuable and practical experience and are always looking for ways to improve. We specialize and operate throughout Sydney, Wollongong, the Central Coast, and Newcastle.

    Granny Flat Builders

    Top Granny Flat Builders

    0423 407 278

    Granny Flat Builders in Sydney and the Central Coast are experts in granny flat designs, approvals, and quality construction. We offer the most affordable Granny flats in Sydney, with 100% fixed Turnkey Prices, and we will not be beaten on price or quality.

    Granny Flat builders have been creating custom-designed granny flats and kit homes, as well as traditional homes, extensions, studios, and home offices at very affordable and competitive prices. We aim to provide affordable housing as market leaders by using our EASY Approval Process, cost-effective granny flat packages, and quick construction methods.

    Backyard Grannys Sydney

    Top Granny Flat Builders

    (02) 4075 7289

    Our team is dedicated to providing our clients with high-quality, professional services based on artistry and integrity. Each project we take on is completed to the highest standard, with the highest quality materials, and is designed to maximize return on investment.

    Because we only build granny flats, you can be confident that we understand the industry and have extensive experience delivering a wide range of granny flats to meet a diverse range of client needs and requirements. Backyard Grannys can work with sloping sites, tight budgets, and custom designs because we are flexible throughout the construction process to ensure that your desired result is achieved.

    Bungalow Homes

    Top Granny Flat Builders

    02 9984 8954

    Bungalow Homes is an award-winning, family-owned business committed to constructing high-quality, affordable granny flats on Sydney's Northern Beaches and Metro areas. We care deeply about our clients' happiness and peace of mind, so you can be confident that your building experience will be a positive one. We were one of the first construction companies to enter this niche market and have specialized in Granny Flats since 2011.

    Bungalow Homes understands that any type of construction can be a stressful experience for the client, and that costs can quickly add up. We have developed relationships with some of Sydney's best and most reliable suppliers, allowing us to provide our clients with high-quality materials at the most competitive prices. We provide high-quality granny flats while staying within your budget - with no nasty surprises along the way!

    Aarons Outdoor Sydney

    We are confident that you will appreciate our high-quality Australian-made cubby houses, sheds, home studios, workshops, and other products, as well as our competitive pricing. We follow the most stringent manufacturing guidelines, ensuring our attention to detail. So, before you buy, try out our cubby houses, sheds, home studios, workshops, and other products.

    Prepare to be inspired as you enter our world of outdoor products! We want you to enjoy the outdoors at our incredible showrooms in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Adelaide, which are open seven days a week.

    Ark Granny Flats N.S.W.

    Top Granny Flat Builders

    0449 637 362

    ARK Granny Flats can provide you with extra space in your existing home without the need to purchase a new one. This space can be used by your children, elderly parents, or even as a secondary source of income. We have a variety of established and affordable plans from which to choose. If you require a one-of-a-kind design, we can connect you with designers, drafters, and architects as needed for your project.

    We take pride in delivering the highest quality construction and finishes in the most cost-effective and stress-free manner possible. We communicate with you throughout the development process to ensure that your needs are met at all times. Our pre-existing designs include some exciting features that you can customize with the help of our builders and designers.

    Granny Flats For Less (GFFL)

    Top Granny Flat Builders

    (02) 8605 8445

    We have long-standing relationships with our building regulators, suppliers, and contractors because we keep up with the latest building methods and technologies. The shared knowledge and constant communication have greatly improved our construction and approval processes, resulting in a more seamless transition from home buyer to homeowner.

    We intend to use sustainable building methods that provide a solid long-term residence while also being sustainable. We can ensure that any disruption is greatly reduced by providing ongoing training and induction to our employees and subcontractors.

    Half Priced Granny Flats

    Top Granny Flat Builders

    (02) 9822 9989

    To ensure that our customers only pay for what they actually need, we have improved our process. We only hire seasoned craftspeople to build our granny flats because we firmly believe that a building is only as good as its builder. All of our granny flat designs are created in-house by qualified architects. We operate like clockwork and offer our services at a 50% discount as a result.

    Our goal is to provide our customers with the most value possible through quality, service, and cost-savings. To achieve this, we have a highly skilled in-house staff, renowned local suppliers, and the best contractors in the business. At Half Priced Granny Flats, our top priority is providing complete tenant satisfaction through product development, market research, and innovation. resulting in the highest possible return on investment for our clients.

    A1 Granny Flats

    Top Granny Flat Builders

    1300 941 045

    We take pride in every project we take on at A1 Granny Flats; this is our passion, and it shows. As a result, we can provide you with something that most builders cannot: a clear, step-by-step process perfected over 30 years of experience.

    Worthington Homes

    Top Granny Flat Builders


    Major Sydney builders were getting a lot of work, but a lot of people were unhappy. So watching clients being deceived by slick salesman, treated like 'another number' and then ignored when problems arose while building their dream home, Liam decided to start a company that would be different.

    Our modern granny flat designs can generate passive income while increasing the value of your property, whether you are an owner-occupier or an investor. Granny flats, due to their compact design, can serve as a guesthouse to accommodate friends and family without compromising space in your newly built home.

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