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Top 25 Landscape Designers in Melbourne, Victoria

It can come as a surprise to many people that landscapes can be designed. Too often, the assumption is that landscapes just happen; they emerge, almost by accident, from the countless activities and uses that occur on the land.  But this ignores innumerable instances where people have intervened in the landscape with aesthetic intent, where the landscape isn’t just luck but the outcome of considered planning and design.

A professionally designed landscape can have innumerable benefits, both aesthetically and financially. As such, we’ve looked at the top 25 best landscape designers in Melbourne and curated this list to help you take the first step towards an award-winning landscape and garden design.

We've put together a list of the best Landscape Designers in Melbourne.


Must Have Maintenance

Must Have Maintenance is a professional gardening and landscaping service provider located in Melbourne. They cater to the eastern and south-eastern suburbs of the city.

Their range of services is comprehensive, covering everything from basic lawn mowing and weeding to specialized tasks like pest control and garden clean-ups. The company is committed to delivering friendly, reliable, and value-driven services to its clients.

Phone: 1300 687 846


Seyffer Designs

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Director James Seyffer's love of gardens began in 2006 at Melbourne University's Burnley campus. This platform inspired James to realize his ambition of producing live canvasses that attract and thrill his viewers. His perseverance and dedication were recognized in 2011 when he received an award at the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show. His designs reflect his love of plants, natural textures, and hard surfaces.

Furthermore, James has over a decade of expertise as a trained landscape building and horticulture tradesman. This experience honed his grasp of how to build aesthetically pleasant environments, which he now incorporates into his design philosophy.


Lisa Harper Landscape Designer Melbourne

Lisa Harper Landscape Designs Melbourne

We collaborate with our clients to create attractive, functional, bespoke outdoor living spaces that are as unique as the family that live in them. We can deal with consumers in Melbourne and around the world since we offer in-person and online consultations. We can create a landscape for your front yard, backyard, veggie patch, balcony, courtyard, or rural estate.

Our simple, modern landscape designs can help you create an outdoor sanctuary you'll like spending time in, whether you're renovating an existing garden or creating a new house. Beautiful gardens should be accessible to all. We'll show you what's realistic and give exclusive methods to make your money go further, no matter what your budget is.

Our tried-and-true design process yields incredible results. It works equally effectively whether you're right around the corner or on the other side of the planet. You dream, we listen, and then we mold your ideas into a workable plan. Our lovely designs assist you in visualizing your garden before you spend a penny on building.

Warragul Landscaping Melbourne

warragullan landscaping melbourne

+61 3 9013 3843

For the gardens and backyards of its clients in and around Warragul, Warragul Landscaping works to provide the best possible solutions, enhancing the beauty and functionality of their homes. Our team of gardeners and landscapers has over ten years of combined experience, and they are perfectly prepared to leave your home beautiful and breathtaking. We carefully evaluate each client's goals and needs for their home and accommodate them while maintaining the functionality of the new design. Warragul Landscaping can handle projects of any size and shape, from fencing to water features and retaining walls to decks.

Ian Barker Gardens

Ian Barker Gardens, a well-known innovator in landscape design, building, and upkeep, is located close Canterbury, Victoria. You can expect the greatest degree of expertise in the landscaping sector from the Ian Barker team, which Ian Barker founded in 1996 and has a wealth of experience and knowledge to draw from.


Nathan Burkett 

Design is at the heart of everything at NBD. NBD prioritizes providing functional, inventive, and visually appealing solutions to our customers. Consultation, concept design, and design development are the first three stages of our design process.


Lisa Ellis Gardens

Melbourne-based Lisa Ellis Gardens is an inter design firm. The studio has established solid professional relationships since its founding in 2004 and is currently a market leader in its sector. The firm embodies its strong beliefs in every project, as evidenced by the diversity of its design portfolio.

The studio's horticulturists, landscape architects, and designers use their specific knowledge to push, encourage, and expand one another on a daily basis. By combining a variety of abilities and experience, Lisa Ellis Gardens produces beautiful gardens that are useful, durable, and one-of-a-kind.


MG Gardens

melbourne landscapers

This road led her to the retail nursery industry, where she worked at nurseries all around Melbourne, including Gill's Nursery in Brighton and Town and Country Gardens in Malvern. Throughout her career, she has worked at nurseries in Alice Springs and Ireland, as well as providing specialized garden services.


Kate Seddon LD

Kate Seddon Landscape Design in Melbourne, Australia tries to create functional gardens. A more sustainable approach to garden is achieved by integrating design and horticultural skills, emphasizing planter style, and employing site-appropriate plants and materials.

Gardens across Melbourne's suburbs, the Mornington and Bellarine Peninsulas, the Surf Coast, and interstate have been commissioned, ranging in style and size from courtyards to larger scale landscapes. We begin each project by listening and watching on-site, taking in the architecture, surroundings, site conditions, and household style, and learning as much as we can about the client, their wants, and beliefs. In doing so, we hope to create a garden that truly connects with both the home and the owner, becoming a place of engagement and delight.


Daniel Tyrrell

Daniel approaches each garden on an unique basis, attempting to establish an ambiance between your home and the outdoors. We hope to restore balance to your outdoor area by using constraint in the architectural form and softening with plants to create an ambiance that will provoke an emotional connection, transforming the way you see your garden for years to come. When plans go from paper to soil, it is always our goal to guarantee that all parts of the client's wants and desires are properly studied and discussed.


Garden Design by Sarah

I bring my love of gardens to you by designing attractive and useful outdoor environments. My father was a gardener and horticulturist, so I grew up surrounded by gardens. My early love of art and drawing drove me to pursue a profession in illustration and graphic art, eventually becoming a Graphic Designer. For many years, I had my own Graphic Design firm.

After earning a Diploma in Interior Design, I discovered that some of the principles and information I gained could also be used to Garden Design. It now allows me to develop a Garden Design that takes into account both the inside and exterior of the home.


Small Spaces Garden Design 

Small Spaces designs are one-of-a-kind, created to meet the needs and budget of each particular client. Small gardens require a lot of effort to maximize every feature - garden vistas, trees, produce, dogs, kids, bikes, and parking. Everything must fit into a compact space, be useful, and look fantastic.


Luma Landscapes

Melbourne's Kooyong is home to Lachie Anderson's Luma Landscapes' corporate headquarters. We provide design and construction services for gardens in every style, from traditional to contemporary. Lachie is a Burnley alumnus with more than 20 years of professional experience. All construction-related tasks, such as paving, lighting, masonry, irrigation, drainage, electrical work, planting, ponds, pergolas, feature walls, and garden maintenance, can be handled by our expert crew.


Normark Landscapes

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The Normark idea is to create a unified customer experience by supervising the entire Melbourne landscaping process, from landscape design and architecture to landscape construction services and garden care. Normark will create everything from an inner-city courtyard to a massive commercial open space.


Hedge & Stone

A unique group of horticulturists and landscape designers, Hedge and Stone has years of experience designing and constructing stunning gardens and outdoor areas in Melbourne's suburbs. Hedge & Stone was established in 2005 by Simon Tallack, a certified gardener with a lifelong passion for plants and landscape architecture. Since then, Simon has put together a team of landscapers whose skill set enables him to guarantee his clients an in-house, customized garden design and landscaping service.


John French Landscape Design

Melbourne-based John French Landscape Design is a landscape architecture company with more than 30 years of experience.

Our landscape design ideas and expertise cover a variety of topics, including pool landscaping, steep, challenging blocks that need solutions for retaining, stormwater management, and soil erosion, sustainable native gardens, drought-tolerant gardens, courtyard designs, large acreage landscaping, balcony landscaping ideas, and the quarter-acre block!


Garden Constructions

Family-run and accredited, Garden Constructions is a landscaping company with a professional and knowledgeable workforce. We guarantee that only the best quality is provided every time based on our basic beliefs.

Director Ben Wilson is a licensed builder, a member of the Master Builders Association, and of Landscape Victoria. He has over 15 years of experience in the field and holds a certification in landscape horticulture. In the greater Melbourne region, we design distinctive residential gardens. With all required equipment and tools, we offer a one-stop shop for designing and creating your ideal garden.


Phillip Withers

melbourne landscapers

Phillip Withers is well-known for our abilities to work in a natural manner and create landscapes rich in both native and productive plant life. It's about giving us a sensory experience and a connection to the natural world.


Blair Edwards 

Blair Edwards Landscaping is a small, family-run business that offers each of its clients individualized service. We offer boutique garden design and construction to customers seeking a contemporary, imaginative, and practical setting.


Nicolas John Landscapes

We think that a great life begins with a great garden and that nothing can replace the delight and health benefits of living outside. This is what motivates us to make your garden a haven of inspiration, well-being, and true connection to nature, full of family BBQs, picnics, tag games, and leisurely Sunday afternoon naps. This is why we are dedicated to improving outdoor spaces in our homes and workplaces. As a result, we believe that life is better outside.


Wolf Architects

A Wolf Architects client is someone who appreciates contemporary architecture that is beautiful, efficient, sustainable, and innovative. There is an understanding that good design improves lives and produces personal delight and happiness.


Inspiring Landscapes

Inspiring Landscape Solutions creates small gardens for employees and families to help them feel closer to nature and one another. We include a skilled, one-on-one landscape architecture service.

We produce vibrant and texturally appealing garden designs that are specifically tailored to our valued clients' environmental, cultural, and utilitarian visions. Our gardens reflect your and your family's personalities. Our landscape designs will be customized to your needs, style, and cultural heritage.


AQL Landscape Design

melbourne landscapers

AQL offers a wide range of services, including landscape design, garden design, and landscape construction, and has the expertise to ensure that your project is completed to the best possible standard. AQL Landscape Design & Construction has established itself as a highly professional multi-disciplinary team of Landscape Architects, Landscape Designers, Horticulturists, and Project Managers. We have established effective working connections with our technical and artistic consultants. All advisors are recognized professionals in their fields who contribute to the last touches of our design process, ensuring innovative and realistic designs down to the smallest detail.


Outdoor Creations

David Kirkpatrick, the company's founder and senior designer, has a respectable experience in project management and landscape design in Melbourne. An amazing team of landscape architects are led by David. David frequently appears as a guest speaker at public events like Melbourne University, participates in radio interviews, and serves as a gardening expert on Network Ten's morning show.


Arcadia Sustainable Design

Arcadia Sustainable Design is situated in Melbourne and serves both the metropolitan area and regional Victoria. Gary Shadforth, who has a strong and broad expertise in horticulture, design, and education, runs it. Gary has a science degree from Burnley College (University of Melbourne) and a Cert IV in Applied Design (Landscape) from NMIT. He has also worked with plants and gardens as a teacher of Environmental Science, Maths, and Horticulture. This includes numerous years spent in the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne and the Healesville Sanctuary. Arcadia has a working knowledge of how people interact to gardens and plants, as well as what garden ideas perform best.


Andy Murray Landscape Design

Beautiful, unique gardens are created by Andy Murray Landscape Design with elegance and individuality. We work closely with our customers to design landscapes that embody their unique vision and are expertly curated by our years of expertise. You may be sure that you'll create a garden that makes the most of your area and way of life whether you're building a little urban courtyard or a large rural estate.


Cos Design 

Steve Taylor founded COS Design in early 2000, and it has since grown to become one of the country's most well acclaimed and awarded design firms. Steve and his team specialize in professional design services ranging from consultation to concept designs to part or full working drawings, 3D modeling, tender management, and contract administration/project management. Services.


Akas Landscape Architecture

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We specialize in the landscape design of public spaces, private gardens, and interior spaces at AKAS Landscape Architecture. We are interested in both native and exotic plants, and we design with them in unusual ways, combining these plants with modern landscape ideas to create useful and pleasant settings.

That concludes our list of the top 25 greatest landscape designers in Melbourne. It is more crucial than ever to establish a lovely area for you and your family to spend time in during this period of "shelter-in-place" and social isolation.

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