Top 20 Google Ads Agencies in Melbourne, Victoria (2024)

Are you looking for a new Google Ads agency to take your business to the next level? If so, then you're in luck! This blog post will share the top 20 Google Ads agencies in Melbourne, Victoria. So whether you're looking for an agency that can help you with paid search marketing, or you need someone to manage your accounts, we've got you covered. Happy hunting!

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    Ultimate List of Google Ads Agencies in Melbourne, Victoria

    Digital Movement Melbourne

    1300 988 161 

    We understand the headaches and hassles that businesses face when dealing with other agencies, from phone calls and emails that are never returned to campaigns that simply do not produce results. That is why we have made it our goal to be a marketing agency that provides our clients with REAL RESULTS and ongoing support. So put us to the test and let our team get to work growing your business and increasing your profits!

    We work tirelessly not only to provide innovative solutions that deliver exceptional results for businesses by generating new leads, new sales, and new customers for our clients, but also to provide ongoing support and customer service to every business with which we work. Taking the stress out of online advertising so that business owners can focus on what is most important, running their business. Join our Digital Movement and let us help you grow your business!

    Aperitif Melbourne

    0431 287 651

    Our highly skilled and experienced professionals work on your behalf to produce intelligent digital solutions, including search engine optimization (SEO), Google Ads, social media advertising, lead generation, and more. We believe that a brand's digital success is critical to its overall success in the modern era, and that it is time for businesses to stake their claim in the digital arena.

    We've worked with some of the country's biggest brands and learned some valuable lessons along the way! We've perfected a winning SEO formula over the years, which allows us to provide enterprise-grade strategies for less than a quarter of the cost. Our team functions as an extension of your company. Aperitif specialists go above and beyond to ensure your company's success.

    ITCC Melbourne

    1300 770 119

    ITCC is a group of empowered individuals who combine creativity and expertise to provide clients with the ideal digital marketing strategy. We can launch your business into long-term success by utilizing time-tested proprietary methodologies, cutting-edge technology, and online strategies.

    We were inspired to start the company after witnessing the failure of some online businesses. These businesses, however, had promising ideas and needed to incorporate technological advancements in order to grow. This is where we come in! Our team is extremely enthusiastic about the digital market and has the right mix of expertise to help businesses thrive online.

    Google Ads FAQs

    How many ads should be implemented per ad group? Three to five should be implemented per ad group.

    Usually, when your ad shows, all the ad text you've entered in headline 1, headline 2, and description one fields show along with it. The third headline and second description fields are optional fields that show when there is enough space but are not guaranteed always to show.

    Your headline is the first line of copy your reader will see in your print ads. A strong headline will hook the potential customer and compel them to read more about your products and services.

    • Catchy Headline. An advertisement must catch a reader's attention within a matter of seconds. 
    • Powerful Image
    • Benefit for the Reader.
    • Your Unique Advantage. 
    • Call to Action.


    Ad copy should be creative, concise, easy to read and have compelling and relevant content. Avoid using jargon or excessive information that doesn't contribute directly to the overall message of the advertisement.

    Digital Marketing Melbourne

    1300 613 997

    Another, slightly longer, answer is that we are a marketing agency specializing in digital marketing and software development. We have grown in Melbourne CBD to become a one-of-a-kind agency that understands both the Australian and Chinese digital landscapes. We position ourselves as a marketing companion for our clients, as opposed to a traditional and average agency in Australia. In this digitized world, we break and thrive together.

    We have collaborated with numerous Australian and international businesses since 2017. Whatever you want. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or an aspirant CMO, try to include us on your success roadmap. We are eager to face the challenges alongside you.

    Leadgen Hub Melbourne

    The LeadGen Hub provides workflows that allow you to significantly increase the volume of website leads generated. With high-quality leads, you can expand your lead list and pipeline for your sales team. By simplifying how your customers interact with your website, you can eliminate the hassle of filling out forms. A guided workflow will help you generate more leads and scale your business more quickly. It boosts conversion rates by 400% on average.

    LeadGen Hub removes the barrier of intimidating and difficult forms. We design interactive interfaces with engaging elements to provide a smooth customer experience. The best forms aren't like traditional forms, and they collect detailed data. Instead, our forms engage and encourage customers to find the best product/service for them based on intelligent recommendations.

    Ignite Digital Melbourne

    1300 461 895

    We work closely with small business owners and the marketing teams of medium-sized to multi-national companies providing digital solutions to sell more products and services and attract new customers.

    We are based in Melbourne, Australia, but have clients all over the country, including New Zealand. Local businesses to global service businesses and e-commerce stores are among our clients. We care about developing long-term relationships with our customers and assisting you in winning your market. We win if you win!

    Energize your company with a WordPress website designed to attract new customers and sales! The WordPress websites created by Ignite Digital have one goal in mind: to bring you more business! We create new WordPress websites and migrate websites built on older technology platforms to WordPress — and get your website working for you to bring in new customers and increase sales.

    Emote Melbourne

    03 9855 2304

    Emote's driving force is our team. We're a close-knit group of talented people who have a strong passion for our specialties and a commitment to delivering exceptional results. Each of us brings our own set of skills and passion for what we do. Because, in the end, what distinguishes us is how much we care.

    If you need anything in the paid digital advertising landscape, we can help. Display advertising, remarketing, Google shopping, YouTube placement, and even Bing Advertising are all part of it. Not simply set and forget. Instead, we adjust campaigns as they run to ensure that the advertisement is always performing at its peak.

    Reload Media Melbourne

    1300 714 146

    Reload Media believes that our company values enable us to provide an unrivaled level of service to your company. For us, it's all about forming long-term working relationships that allow us to become an extension of your team.

    We've worked with a number of Melbourne businesses to create a custom Google Ads campaign that is specifically tailored to their business objectives. Working alongside our clients, the Reload team will ensure the success of your campaign and provide you with ongoing recommendations to help you achieve the results that are important to you.

    Omg Melbourne

    1300 433 071

    The catch is that you only pay when people click on your ad. Compare this to other ads (such as those in digital media), which cost the same whether or not anyone sees or responds to your ad. Adwords is nothing short of brilliant for your company.

    Because you can specify the location where you want your ad to appear and ensure that only people in that location see your ad. In addition, you can narrow your audience by time of day, language, device type and more in your account. It is the driving force behind Adwords' success.

    Advisable Melbourne

    1300 812 447

    Google Ads is an absolute force multiplier for business growth, but you must work with the right agency to make it happen. We'll help you outrank the competition and win more sales online with over a decade of AdWords management experience and a passionate team of digital marketing experts.

    Tell us about your goals, competition, target audience, and product or service. This information is invaluable because it helps us understand you as a business and, in turn, how we can help you grow your business by using Google Ads. At this point, we'll also dig into the data to see how your current campaigns are performing.

    You're shooting in the dark if you don't have a plan. As a result, all of our AdWords campaigns in Melbourne are supported by a solid game plan and success roadmap. We put all of our industry experience, expert knowledge, and competitor data into a strategy that will get your ads to the top of the search results and entice users to convert.

    Practiceedge Melbourne

    03 8418 8055

    Practiceedge is a high-quality website design and online marketing service provider. Our specialized support and solutions have a proven track record of success, allowing us to serve businesses on a local, national, and international scale.

    Our carefully crafted Ad campaigns are intended to drive immediate traffic and sales. Keywords are used to fine-tune your campaign and attract your ideal customer. Rapid implementation, comprehensive management, and dependable research and reporting all work together to provide you with a premium strategy that produces outstanding results.

    Castle Jackson Digital Marketing Melbourne

    03 8582 8702

    Our experienced Melbourne-based Digital Marketing team will research and develop a bespoke strategy for your Google Ads campaign with a focus on increasing sales rather than just the number of visitors to your site. In addition, we will monitor and optimize the campaigns on a daily basis in order to increase the appropriate amount of visitor traffic to your website.

    To ensure maximum exposure and visibility, we have created a variety of affordable Google Ads packages that allow us to continue to re-prioritise keywords and messages, retarget your audience, and analyze the performance of your campaigns to ensure that your business receives the most valuable long-term results.

    Redline Digital Melbourne

    3 8393 0230

    We build measurable online businesses with modern web software solutions (either custom-built or off-the-shelf) and a keen eye for changes in web design trends. As a result, our sites look great and are designed to meet a specific business need. Redline has been described by our clients as expert, knowledgeable, client-focused, service-oriented, and trustworthy, with 80% of our clients likely to recommend our services.

    We believe in tailoring a solution to your specific needs. We do not employ salespeople, and our team consists of digital experts with at least five years of experience. So, if Google Adwords is right for you, we have a team of experts who will ensure you get the most out of your account.

    The process begins with a face-to-face meeting to ensure we understand how you built your business and what your future goals are; this will help our team plan out the implementation of your campaign.

    Traffic Radius Melbourne

    1300 870 901

    We begin with an initial consultation to better understand your needs. Then, your digital marketing consultant would be delighted to hear your ideas and goals and ask some questions to better understand your business, target audience, and digital objectives. We will also discuss and agree on key performance indicators (KPIs) to help us measure the results.

    We will analyze the data gathered during our initial meeting to better understand your business requirements. The following step is to research your competitors and their strategies. Your digital campaign is incomplete unless you have a thorough understanding of your competitors. It will enable us to create a campaign that will outperform the competition.

    Multiply Digital Melbourne

    1300 856 745

    The performance nature and partnership model we have evolved into here at Multiply was born out of wanting a better way to serve clients and achieve the best possible outcomes for them and us. We also wanted a model where we could invest more time into clients' campaigns, achieve amazing results, and be rewarded for doing so.

    We do have standard monthly campaigns available. However, we operate with the majority of our client base through incentive agreements, revenue share agreements, and assistance with overall marketing strategy, resulting in us only agreeing to work with clients we truly believe we can knock out of the park.

    Island Media Melbourne

    03 9028 5003

    Consider Google ads if you have a budget for online advertising. You can generate conversion leads for your company. In contrast to Facebook advertising, Google Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising requires you to pay only when someone clicks on your ad. When you use high-quality and relevant keywords for your business, it means that when a user clicks on your ad, they did so on purpose because you have what they're looking for.

    When users use relevant keywords for your products and services, search ads appear. As a result, their conversion rates are higher. Display ads are used to raise brand awareness and increase business visibility. Depending on your needs, you can use one or both to boost your company's trust, engagement, and revenue.

    Adwords Agency

     1300 881 911

    Clients want more than a monthly campaign performance report emailed to them. Aside from monthly reports tracking their rankings, they want a general understanding of their campaign's performance progress and appreciate receiving insights on the actual technical SEO steps applied to their campaign in the previous quarter, as well as additional insights into the activity planned.

    Measurement is critical to success; however, measuring the performance of a Search Engine Optimization campaign must go beyond simply counting the number of phrases that rank on Google's first page. Google Analytics is a critical performance tool for tracking the progress of TopRankings SEO campaigns.

    Be Media Melbourne

    1300 193 482

    A user enters a keyword into Google, and your business pops up first, sounds ideal, right? Google Adwords can help you achieve that goal. Almost 65% of users click the first search result in Google, generating valuable traffic to your website. A form of Search Engine Marketing, Google Adwords allows you to reach and retarget your ideal customers so they can see your ads and messages.

    Don't be fooled by vanity metrics such as cost per click, impressions, and click-through rate. Our experts, on the other hand, are concerned with bottom-line profit performance. All of our reporting and strategy are based on these key business metrics that will move the needle on your growth, rather than overwhelming reports that focus on everything but the right things.

    Local Web Solutions Melbourne

    1300 853 704

    Because Google Adwords receives your impressions and clicks almost instantly, you can perform A/B testing and make changes to your campaigns almost instantly. Unlike SEO, Google Adwords allows you to tweak your strategy on the fly.

    23 Digital Melbourne

    1300 233 444

    When you work with us, you'll be working with some of the industry's brightest minds - people who are constantly pushing themselves and learning new skills. We take the same approach to every project: we listen carefully, ask the right questions, and don't ask them twice. Then we sit down and think hard about the answers before doing anything else; perhaps we should get a coffee first.

    When you advertise with Google, you have a daily allowance of funds that you define, and a fee is deducted from this amount whenever the desired action occurs. For example, when a customer clicks on your ad, they are directed to your website. Because you have control over how much you spend each day, this type of advertising is adaptable and thus suitable for both small and medium-sized businesses. However, in order to get the most out of this platform, you must work with a Google AdWords advertising agency to guide you from point A (where you are) to point B. (where you want to be).

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